How to Recharge Your Electric Bike Battery

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( — September 30, 2020) — An electric bike gives you the freedom to cruise more comfortably and travel longer distances in your daily riding. Be sure to follow proper battery maintenance and charging steps to get the most out of your new ride. From a compact city bike to a fat tire electric beach cruiser, enjoy a bicycle designed for your body type and riding style.

Fully Charge Your Bike Before Use

Before you hit the trails on your new electric bike from your electric bike shop dealer, it’s a good idea to fully charge it. Plug in your brand-new bike for at least 12 hours to ensure it’s fully charged and ready for use. This can not only extend its lifetime but also improve your battery charge time in the future. You’re probably itching to hop on your new ride, but a 12-hour rest and recharge will do wonders for the lifetime of your battery.

How To Avoid Damaging Your Battery

There are a few other simple steps you should take to keep your battery in good condition. First, try to recharge your battery before it becomes fully discharged. A discharged battery can still be recharged, but continually draining the entire battery can decrease its lifespan.

Try to be back home and charge your battery when it hits between 30% and 60% of its full charge. This isn’t always possible, but for most short trips you can avoid running below 30% battery life. Get in the habit of charging it after every ride to promote a long-lasting battery.

Overcharging your battery is another issue that can affect your electric bike battery life. If you buy electric bike online and use it only a few days out of the week, don’t leave it plugged in when it’s fully charged. A fully charged battery that’s plugged in for days at a time can become damaged.

Finally, try to avoid too much direct sunlight on your battery. Overheating is a risk when you’re parked in direct sunlight on a hot day. Riding in the heat isn’t an issue, so as long as you park your electric bike in the shade then you shouldn’t have any problems.

Tips To Increase the Range of Your Battery

Shop carefully for electric bikes. Batteries vary considerably in size, charge time and lifetime, so it’s worth investing in a quality battery. Even the best options eventually run out of power, so consider picking up a spare battery to increase your riding range.

Another easy way to get more out of your battery is to bring a charger with you. Recharge your battery while you work so that it’s ready for your commute back home. If you’re not traveling to a place where you can charge a battery, consider using an eco-mode or other feature to conserve power.

Cruise Comfortably With an Electric Bike

Don’t let a dead battery hold you back. Shop for the best electric bikes for tall riders online and use these tips to get more out of your electric bike. Keep on commuting and enjoying the great outdoors with the help of a powerful electric cruiser.