CAIBots Digital Marketing Agency Facebook Messenger & Chatbot Services Launched

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Princeton, NJ-based Path2Excel Digital Marketing Firm launches CAIBots agency, to help clients streamline customer service and generate more business leads leveraing conversational marketing techniques including Facebook Messenger and Automated Webiste Chatbots.

CAIBots Agency of Path2Excel, a digital marketing firm based in Princeton, NJ, announces the launch of its Facebook Messenger and automated website chatbot marketing services. This new offering aims to help clients take advantage of conversational marketing strategies to grow & scale their business.

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The marketing agency says this new service sets up a Facebook chatbot, which effectively acts as a virtual customer service representative. With a chatbot, companies are able to streamline operations by automating the response to commonly asked questions.

CAIBots says that this service is recommended for small-to-medium enterprises that wish to leverage Facebook as a lead generation source. It is also ideal for businesses that are already active on social media but do not have a dedicated community manager or moderator.

The firm says that chatbots result in an average open rate of 88% and a clickthrough rate of 56%. It says that these results are attributed to the fact that the sooner companies get back to a prospect, the higher the chances of converting them into a paying customer.

CAIBots offers end-to-end servicing, including the initial setup and ongoing maintenance of the chatbot. It can also run complimentary FB campaigns that direct prospects to engage with the chatbot to learn more about a company’s products or services.

The firm says that chatbot marketing enables businesses to increase sales and quickly build a subscriber list. This feature can also help boost a Facebook page’s engagement, which prompts the platform’s algorithm to organically refer it to other users.

Clients may choose among three chatbot bundles that each cater to different business objectives. Interested parties who need advice on which bundle best suits their company may book a free consultation with CAIBots.

A satisfied client had this to say about the digital marketing firm: “Facebook Messenger deployed on my business page does wonders. It greets visitors, engages with them, and provides plenty of initial information. I convert 50% of the leads that come from Messenger. Great customer experience!”

Beyond chatbot services, Path2Excel offers a wide range of digital marketing services. The key service offering include,

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