Best April Fools Pranks

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( — October 1, 2020) — April Fools Day has to be the most underappreciated day of the year, as no other day gives you a free pass to cause hilarious mayhem at the expense of others.

Below we’ve compiled a great list of highly effective jokes to try this April fool’s, with all antics being 100% safe and in good humour of course. So let’s begin!

The Prank Call

The classic prank call has always been an April Fools Pranks staple, being time tested and still managing to rile up a few significant reactions.

While it’s common to pick up the phone and engage in the prank call yourself, we provide a unique and better alternative in the form of a prank app, completely negating the chance of you being recognized and fumbling over your words during a call.

The OwnagePrank app contains over 100 automated prerecorded calls, each offering a unique prank script to trick your friends – a disgruntled uber driver arriving too early or a call bombarding you with cat facts.

Apart from offering a diverse prank call selection, it also provides anonymity throughout the call as you listen in.

Oreos with toothpaste

This prank will require a careful pair of hands and a little dexterity to pull off. Like the name suggests you’re going to need a pack of Oreos and some white toothpaste, as colored toothpaste will immediately be spotted before the first bite is even made.

To begin this sneaky food prank, carefully dismantle the oreo and scrape the creamy white center in the middle. Afterwards, squeeze and spread your toothpaste onto one side of the cookie evenly and gently put the other side on top. Once you’ve done the entire pack, put them back inside the container and place it on your usual spot where people would reach them.

If the number of Oreos you need to do is relatively substantial, make sure to give yourself enough time to prepare. Early mornings or late nights are the best times when no one’s around.

Broken Screen Prank

For this highly realistic prank that will cause some unpredictable and downright scary reactions, you’re going to have to download the Broken Screen prank app on a friend’s phone without them knowing.

After discreetly launching this app onto a friend’s phone, with a quick phone shake or a touch of the finger, the app will simulate a shattered phone screen.

Not only will there be substantial damage, but to further add realism, glass cracking noises will play. The app also offers other damage filters such as a fire screen and electric screen, so choose whatever suits.

This prank has been so convincing and easy to pull off that it’s become somewhat of a viral sensation on social media. So try this April fools prank and record your friend’s reaction.

Broken soap

You’ve probably never heard of this prank, but it’s so good it might just be wizardry, all that’s required is a bar of soap and some nail polish.

You see, when you apply nail polish to a bar of soap, it doesn’t matter how hard you scrub it will not create a single bubble. So when your friend or family member next uses the shower, place the bar of nailed polished soap in its usual spot.

Since this prank requires almost no preparation, it can be done at any time to create household confusion.

Office Gift Wrap

If you’re a fan of the American tv show adaptation of ‘The Office’, then you’ve most likely seen this prank in all of its glory. Coming straight from the mastermind of Jim Halpert, this practical joke requires you to cover your colleague’s office in wrapping paper. That means wrapping up ordinary objects like their chair, desk, laptop and files.

To pull this off without your colleague or boss making an unwanted appearance, you’re going to have to arrive extra early at the office as it requires a fair amount of time.

Whether you want their office to shine like a disco ball or be a tribute to the Teletubbies is up to you. Just make sure to purchase scissors, tape and A LOT of wrapping paper.