Shively Personal Injury Treatment Care For Auto Accidents Service Launched

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Personal injury medical services are being offered at Injury Care Chiropractic in Shively. These services, provided by Harold Byers and his professional staff, cater to those injured in accidents.

Injury Care Chiropractic, a personal injury clinic situated in Louisville, Kentucky, is announcing the extension of its services in the Shively community. They specialize in treating injuries that resulted from auto and bus accidents, workplace accidents, slips, and falls.

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The newly announced services are provided by Harold Byers Jr., BA, MSC, DC. He and the other qualified staff at the state of the art facility aim at ensuring that patients of all ages (including infants two weeks old and older) are treated with up to date equipment and therapeutic modalities.

The staff at Injury Care Chiropractic understands how stressful it can be for one to endure the pain that results from various injuries. As such, they do everything they deem possible to put their patients at ease.

Among the types of personal injuries that are treated at the clinic are leg, shoulder, hip, and back pains. Whiplash, headaches, soft tissue injury, and mental trauma, all of which would have resulted from accidents, are also dealt with by the team of qualified professionals.

The team at the chiropractor and injury care center also assists clients with obtaining workers’ compensation for injuries they acquired at their places of employment. This they do by evaluating their patients’ injuries and even helping them with filling out the complicated paperwork to file for their claims.

To help patients recover from their injuries, Byers and the staff at Injury Care Chiropractic work to provide physical therapy and rehabilitation services as well as neck or spine bracing for those with such injuries. Cold laser therapy, interferential therapy, electrical muscle stimulation, and orthopedic correction are also means by which injuries are treated at the center.

Since Injury Care Chiropractic aims at providing all-round care, patients can also benefit from its nutritional consultations, therapeutic ultrasound, and gait and postural analysis services.

More information on the services offered by the chiropractic center can be found on Byers’ YouTube channel at

Also included on the channel are videos of testimonials from former, satisfied patients. One such client, Elias, recalled his experience while at the clinic.

According to the young boy, he saw people who were in a lot of pain, just like him, but they were all feeling better within a month thanks to the doctors at Injury Care Chiropractic. Elias encourages those who are without any means of transportation to still reach out to the clinic since they provide pick up for injured patients as well.

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