Portage MI Autoimmunity Neurodegenration Holistic Wellness Program Launched

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A newly updated holistic treatment program has been launched by Prosper Health Clinics. They provide tailored solutions for autoimmunity and neurodegeneration.

Prosper Health Clinics, based in Portage, MI, has launched an updated service for local patients. They provide specialist holistic treatments and supplements for helping with autoimmunity and neurodegeneration. Dr Ryan Ball provides expert holistic solutions to the people of the Midwest United States and beyond.

More information can be found at: https://www.prosperhealthclinics.com

Dr Ryan explains that ever since conquering an autoimmune disease that caused him to go blind in his right eye, he has pursued a career in finding the cause of chronic conditions in sick people.

Through his approach to optimal wellness, he advocates the use of lifestyle, diet, nutraceuticals, stress management, hormone assessment, analysis of chronic infections, detoxification, and sleep hygiene.

His newly updated service is rooted in this multi-faceted approach to helping patients overcome their issues and achieving improved health and wellness. His goal is to identify where the cause of illness is, eliminate that cause, and then allow the body to heal and thrive.

Prosper Health Clinics follows a four-step process to help patients achieve their health and wellness goals. The first step of any treatment program is to find the cause.

The team uses advanced functional testing to try to find which systems of the body are acting inappropriately. This allows them to accurately discover the source of inflammation and breakdown. They are also able to analyze the nervous system, the blood, hair, saliva, and urine to find the root cause of any issues.

Once the cause has been established, their focus centers on treating the cause. If the issue is something they can help with, they will begin creating a bespoke solution. Otherwise they will refer the patient to the best person they know for the job.

Once the patient is feeling as good as they want to, the program moves to the next stage. This is where specific therapies can be taken away to see if the cause has been fixed.

Dr Ryan states: “Once you are off of all therapies or on as few therapies as possible, and you are eating all the foods you used to eat or as many as you can tolerate, then you are done. It is as simple as that.”

Full details of the newly updated treatment program can be found on the URL above.