Kennesaw Tax Planning Preparation Expert Professional Accounting Services Launch

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An accounting firm in Kennesaw, Georgia launches their tax planning and preparation services to help businesses streamline their back office operations and ensure proper processing of their taxes.

Kennesaw CPA, LLC launches their tax planning and preparation services for businesses in need of assistance with their back office operations. Based in Georgia, the solutions-based accounting firm is well-equipped to handle the financial processes of clients in Kennesaw, as well as in Marietta and the greater Atlanta metro area.

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While Kennesaw is home to businesses of various kinds and sizes, the city is not exempt from the financial challenges brought about by the global health crisis. Among other goals, the newly launched services are aimed at enabling businesses to effectively plan and prepare for their taxes so they can minimize future liability, while also maximizing any relief that may be available to them.

Led by Lisa Laday-Davis, CPA, the firm’s staff possesses in-depth knowledge of federal, state, and local tax laws, so clients can rest assured that their business will remain in compliance with legal requirements. Where there are new legislations and developments that affect business taxes, the accounting professionals also allow their clients to recognize and plan for them.

Kennesaw CPA often advises entrepreneurs about the value of proactively managing their personal and business tax issues. Should the business encounter opportunities or setbacks that may impact their taxes, the firm also facilitates a successful transition. Regardless of the case, the accounting experts can be relied upon to provide clients with guidance through every step in settling their taxes.

Kennesaw CPA’s latest launch is one way they help businesses focus on their core functions. They explain, “We understand that operational demands require business owners to be many things to many people. Therefore, it is our goal, at Kennesaw CPA, to provide clarity through accounting solutions that assist in removing the burden of running your business back office. Essentially, making your life easier.”

The firm further states, “We place the time and resources of our clients as top priorities in our daily operations. We work with our clients to ensure an effective financial operation utilizing such services as executive planning, financial assessments, and bookkeeping services.”

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