Animated Doodle Videos Brand Visibility Online Marketing Technology Launched

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DoodleMaker, a new futuristic artificial intelligence software, has been recently launched with the goal of helping businesses and entrepreneurs improve their customer engagement and retention rates.

DoodleMaker, a new futuristic artificial intelligence technology, is now available for businesses and entrepreneurs looking to improve visitor and click rates. This new tool allows users to produce premium-quality doodle videos that increase customer engagement and sales.

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The newly launched DoodleMaker technology aims to help businesses of all types and sizes improve their presence online, connect with their audience and attract new customers.

In today’s highly competitive business environment, all companies want to persuade others. That is true whether they are selling a product, a service, or even just trying to promote an idea.

Over the past few years, an animation video has turned into one of the most powerful mediums for marketing one’s business.

According to Dr Richard Wiseman, a highly regarded science and psychology professor, doodle animation videos retain subject attention by 15% more than a live-narrative film. This means that animated whiteboard videos can increase visitors and click through rates much more effectively than traditional marketing materials.

With the help of DoodleMaker, businesses and entrepreneurs can save time and money on video creation. This Artificial Intelligence technology helps them produce animated doodle videos fast, on any topic.

In addition, this new software enables users to create colorful videos in any language. DoodleMaker can translate any video into over 60 languages instantly and also transforms any text or content into video automatically.

The combination of listening to the marketing message and watching as the hand draws the cartoon keeps viewers engaged and helps them absorb more information. Thus, the multi-sensory videos produced with DoodleMaker can generate up to nine times higher conversions and two times higher sales over standard talking head videos.

According to the official website of DoodleMaker, “Animated doodle videos are unbeatable for grabbing attention and inspiring action because they’re multi-sensory so people listen, read and watch at the same time. ​Now you can enjoy next-level video engagement for any project without experience, multiple tools, or ever being on camera.”

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