Best Ceiling Fan for Outdoor Spaces

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( — October 3, 2020) — Summers can get really hot in certain areas. Although some people are used to the heat in these areas, most are not. For those that aren’t used to hot summer days or just can’t stand it, the best ceiling fan for outdoor spaces can feel like a gift from God. As time goes by, we are seeing more and more people using ceiling fans for outdoor spaces. If this is new to you, do not be shocked. It happens a lot more than you may think. So let’s find out how you can make sure you get the best ceiling fan for your outdoor spaces.

Some people may not even know that you can use a ceiling fan outdoors. Ceiling fans come with three different ratings though:

  • Dry Rated
  • Damp Rated
  • Wet Rated


Ceiling fans with dry ratings are designed to be used indoors and can not be exposed to any moisture. They should never be used in any outdoor conditions or in a room that will create moisture, like a bathroom. Damp rated ceiling fans are meant to be used in areas that have indirect exposure to water, rain or moisture. Damp rated fans are usually found in covered patios, carports, kitchens and bathrooms. Ceiling fans with wet ratings are designed to handle various kinds of weather. From salty ocean breezes to extreme rain. You can find wet rated ceiling fans in gazebos, pergolas and exposed decks. So always make sure you are getting a ceiling fan with the correct rating.

There are some benefits to using outdoor ceiling fans. If you ever decide to instal an outdoor ceiling fan here are some of those benefits:

  • Cooling
  • Lighting
  • Style

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have an outdoor patio, but if you do, an outdoor ceiling fan would be a great investment. You’ll add some style, cooler air and much need extra light. Something to really consider.

Other things to consider when deciding to purchase an outdoor ceiling fan are:

  • Color and Material
  • Size
  • Speeds
  • Motor type
  • Any Extras You May Want

The color and material of the fan you decide to go with is important because they can determine the resistance of the fan but also complement the area you will be installing it. Outdoor ceiling fans are made of many different materials. As for the color, here you can go in any direction you please. You can go with your favorite color, or something that is going to blend or match with the area it will be in.

The size of the ceiling fan is important because the larger the fan is, the farther the air will reach. So depending on how much air you are looking for, should be taken into consideration when deciding on a specific size. 

When considering the amount of speeds you prefer, you also need to be aware of the fluctuation in temperature where you live. If you live in an area where the weather is pretty constant, you would be well off going with something with one or few speeds. If the weather in your area fluctuates a lot, you would be better off with something with more speeds to accommodate the fluctuating temperature.

Motor type is also fairly important to consider because the motor can either be standard with only one direction. Or it can be able to run the blades in reverse motion. This matters because running a fan in the standard direction blows all the cold air down which is ideal for summer. In the reverse direction the blades will extract the cold air, bringing it upward and circulate the warm air downward which would be ideal on colder days.

Then there’s the extras. This could be any additional things you can get with your ceiling fan that you really want or need. Like does it come with a remote or does it have a light source. These are just basic extras that some people may need or want but not as important for everyone.

So there are many things to take into consideration when deciding which outdoor ceiling fan will best meet your needs. Some people might want it all but for many something basic that gets the job done is ideal. Whatever the need is for you just know that it is important to really think it all the way through before making the purchase. This will insure you are happy with the final product. Happy searching!!!