Trump Hospitalized For Coronavirus

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(— October 3, 2020) —  The President of the United States of America, Donald Trump, will be hospitalized after it was confirmed that he tested positive for coronavirus, world media report.

According to BBC, Trump was transferred by helicopter from the White House to the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Washington.

Mr. Trump’s chief of staff said that the president has mild symptoms and was “on the job” and “in good spirits”, but he said Mr. Trump is experiencing fatigue and that he will be transferred to the hospital.

According to CNN sources, Trump has had a fever since this morning.

The White House previously announced that Trump is being treated with an experimental drug against COVID-19 and that he is “in a good mood”, although he feels tired.

The President’s physician Dr. Sean Conley also stated that he gave the president an injection of a type of antibody cocktail, developed by the Regeneron laboratory, which gave encouraging preliminary results in clinical trials on a small number of test patients.

He stated that First Lady Melania Trump, who is also infected and has a “mild cough and headache.” 
“Thank you for the love you are sending our way. I have mild symptoms but overall am feeling good,” she said.

Trump announced this morning that tests showed that he and his wife were infected with the coronavirus and that they would immediately go into self-isolation.

Officials said Mr. Trump was considering how he might communicate with the American people, but he pulled out of a video conference call with vulnerable seniors scheduled for Friday, leaving Vice-President Mike Pence to chair the meeting.

The White House staff initiated a process of tracking all of the president’s contacts in recent days.

The Trump campaign issued a statement saying all campaign events would be temporarily postponed or turned into virtual sessions, but Mr. Pence will continue campaigning as he tested negative.

Tests results that were disclosed to the media:

President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump – positive
Joe Biden, presidential candidate, and wife Jill Biden – negative
Mike Pence, vice-president, and wife Karen Pence – negative
Hope Hicks, presidential aide – positive
Kamala Harris, vice-presidential candidate, and husband Douglas Emhoff – negative
Amy Coney Barrett, Supreme Court nominee – negative
Mike Pompeo, secretary of state – negative
Steve Mnuchin, treasury secretary – negative
William Barr, attorney general – negative
Ivanka Trump, president’s daughter, and husband Jared Kushner – negative
Nancy Pelosi, House of Representatives speaker – negative