NJ Prepaid Funeral Plan Final Expense Life Insurance Services Launched

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A New Jersey-based insurance provider has launched a new prepaid funeral plan offering many benefits to customers to overcome the fact funeral costs are rising around the US.

A New Jersey-based insurance provider has launched a prepaid funeral plan designed to overcome the fact funeral costs are rising around the US. The LoveLife Group says a key feature of its new plan is the Final Expense Life Insurance Cash Benefit that offers easy qualification and a streamlined application process.

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The newly launched plan recognizes the fact funeral costs can easily run into the thousands, which can leave loved ones with an unexpected financial burden. The prepaid funeral plan was created with Americans aged between 40-85 in mind and aims to protect their loved ones from financial hardship.

No health examinations are necessary to secure a comprehensive quote, however the team say customers are required to answer some health-related questions. The one page-application is quick and easy to fill out over the phone and ensures fast application processing. The LoveLife Group says most people get coverage, even if they have extreme health issues.

Another element of the prepaid funeral plan that people may find useful is the Family Funeral Support Services. It is offered at no extra cost to every policyholder. The service helps those who are left behind after their loved one’s pass.

As many people may be aware, there are many admin-related tasks and companies that must be informed when someone dies. Whether that is a bank, mortgage provider, medical professional, or government institution, it can be an overwhelming time. The support services can also help people to stop overspending on funeral costs.

Often when people are upset or overwhelmed by grief, they spend money to try to comfort themselves. Funeral expenses can, for some people, be an extension of this. In addition, The LoveLife Group prepaid funeral plan aims to pay approved claims quickly and efficiently. In many instances, payments such as to funeral directors are paid within 24 hours or sooner.

A spokesperson said: “We provide final expense life insurance quotes for people looking to protect their families from rising funeral costs. We offer people old-fashioned personalized service to ensure they get the compassion and care they deserve.”

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