Best Netflix Series and Premieres To Watch in October 2020

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( — October 7, 2020) — If you are looking for where to watch series online, Netflix is ​​undoubtedly an ideal option. We enter the final quarter of our pandemic year, knowing that online premieres are more crucial than ever. Ready for a marathon or just new from the catalog? The truth is that the streaming leader always gives something to talk about at the beginning of the month, and for this occasion, the popular Halloween is added, so write down the Netflix premieres to see in October 2020.

Watching Netflix series for free is possible, as we have told you but in a limited way. If you want to see the best series month by month, you have to read our top premieres of October 2020. Just as we are used to the new coexistence rules, we are also used to new series and movies with a new month’s arrival.

Do you know the news of the leading streaming platform? It is always time to find out about the Netflix Canada new releases to see in October 2020. As you read: If yours is about online series, now that we arrive in the middle of the year, we are sure that streaming is a necessity in the face of the pandemic, as well May we enjoy the healthy fun of subscription services that, thankfully never stop.

Netflix releases in October 2020

Drama, suspense, horror, and adventure, the red giant has a bulging shelf of premieres and classics you always want to see. Finally, we have the long-awaited sequel to “The Curse of Hill House” and new production from the creators of “13 Reasons Why?”

If we talk about movie marathons, the complete Rocky saga arrives with the Creed spin-offs, and to honor the terror; we prepared a banquet consisting of “IT”, “Cursed Cemetery” one and two, “a silent place, (and) 12 hours to survive.”

Good morning, Verônica

Brazil returns to the platform with an original series that will keep lovers of police drama glued to the screen. The series based on the novel of the same name, follows the story of Verônica Torres, a discreet police secretary who works in a São Paulo police station who decides to investigate on her own two side cases involving two battered women.  

Along the way, he will have to overcome system obstacles and a serial killer hiding behind a gentle family man.

Emily in Paris

The creators of “Sex and the City” bring a new bet between the Netflix premieres to see in October 2020. An ambitious American marketing executive moves to Paris for an unexpected opportunity.

Now you must balance your dream job with the new life of job challenges, as well as culture shock, friendships, and of course, romance.

The curse of Bly Manor

The platform fulfilled its promise. For its Netflix premieres to see in October 2020 it presents the continuation of the successful first season of “The Curse of Hill House,” the horror anthology expected in the month of Halloween.

The new season begins when a nanny arrives at a mansion to take care of the two little orphans, but nothing is what it seems in this house: paranormal presences will reveal secrets buried in the past. Although the story has nothing to do with the initial installment of the series, it will bring back several cast members.

Social distancing

The “new normal” has given us opportunities to tell unpublished stories, an issue that we will see in the Netflix premieres to see in October 2020. The new series will show the human spirit in the face of isolation through eight chapters produced and filmed in quarantine.

Each installment is a unique emotional experience where each family presents the reality of being forced to separate by circumstances and having no choice but to communicate remotely.

Someone has to die

The architect behind “La casa de las flores”, Manolo Caro, has a new formula to add followers to the Netflix premieres to see in October 2020. The miniseries shot in Spain is set in 1954 in a conservative and traditional society during the Franco regime, where appearances and family ties play a key role.

A young man who returns to Spain after a long period in Mexico brings with him a friend, a ballet dancer, whose presence will challenge conservative society. In addition, his parents announce to him that they have arranged marriage.

Grand Army

Netflix does not abandon the youth drama and after the uproar of “13 Reasons Why?”, It brings a new production where the protagonists will have to face various day-to-day problems that will mark their lives.

In the Netflix premieres to see in October 2020, we follow the story of five students from a Brooklyn high school fighting for success, survival, freedom, and making their future their own in a chaotic world. A city that shows cultural diversity and the race to become someone.

Queen’s gambit

The price of being a genius is another of the novelties in the Netflix premieres to see in October 2020. The story based on the novel by Walter Tevis follows the story of Beth Harmon, who after being abandoned in an orphanage in the late 1950s, discovers that she possesses an extraordinary talent for chess.

Despite her addiction to state-prescribed tranquilizers for minors, Beth is determined to break down the traditional barriers of the world of professional chess and become the best player in the world.


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