Studies Highlight Lion’s Mane’s Strong Anti-Inflammatory Potentials

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( — December 4, 2020) Orlando, FL — Studies about chronic inflammation pile up today. Many scientists suggest that it could wreak havoc on various aspects of health, especially the heart. 

According to experts, immune system cells that trigger inflammation may contribute to the buildup of fatty deposits in the lining of the arteries of the heart. 

It has been found that these plaques may rupture, leading to clot formation that can block the artery. When such blockage happens, it leads to a heart attack.

Scientists have been carrying out research studies to look into the most effective ways of reducing levels of inflammation. One of the ways to do it is to actually decrease consumption of inflammatory foods, such as red meat. 

It also includes anything with trans fats, such as corn oil, margarine, processed foods, and deep fried foods. It is similarly important to engage in exercise activities regularly, such as having 30 minutes of exercise in most days of the week. There are many other ways to combat inflammation, such as managing weight and stress levels.

Practicing these steps could be extremely beneficial in warding off some of the world’s most costly and deadly diseases linked with inflammation.  

In battling with inflammation, it is vital to use some anti-inflammatory ingredients in addition to following healthy dietary practices. 

One of these ingredients is the medicinal mushroom called lion’s mane, which is loaded with various therapeutic agents. It could be useful against diseases associated with chronic inflammation, such as heart disease, cancer and autoimmune disorders. 

Researchers carried out a study to examine the antioxidant effects of 14 different mushroom species. The study findings have shown that lion’s mane had the fourth highest antioxidant activity. Scientists actually continue to carry out more and more studies to investigate into the healing goodness of this remedy.

It doesn’t just have anti-inflammatories, but also antioxidant benefits. In several studies, it has even been able to reduce markers of inflammation. Some investigators suggest that it could be potentially helpful in battling with liver damage, inflammatory bowel disease, and stroke. 

There have also been research studies revealing that this natural remedy worked in reducing the amount of inflammation released by fat tissue. 

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