USA Save Money Monthly Bills Cut Spending Software Negotiation Service Launched

Photo of author has launched a new service to help customers save money on their monthly bills. Individuals and business owners can reduce their monthly expenses on a wide variety of services. has launched a new service through a software solution that helps individuals lower their spending on bills. The software is designed to save hundreds of dollars on monthly expenses in straightforward steps.

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Business owners and individuals always face the challenge of lowering their expenses. One of the best ways to spend less money is to manage and cut down on monthly fees people pay for services. has introduced a software solution that can help customers save up to 25% on their monthly bills.

The newly released service can be used to save hundreds of dollars on monthly bills like mobile phone, power/electricity, cable/satellite TV, internet service, waste management and trash pickup, lawn care, cleaning, home security, pest control, bottled water delivery, propane/heating oil, merchant processing, payroll services, storage units, and web services.

This service is aligned with the client’s success, guaranteed to deliver satisfactory results by charging the customer only if they can save money on the bills. Customers can maximize savings, an average of $1,000, by uploading three or more bills.

Working with this software is straightforward. All the customer needs to do is to upload their bills, and the software performs all the steps. To start the process, the customer is required to upload at least one bill. However, the higher the number of the bills, the more the savings will be.

This expense reduction service involves negotiations with the service provider on behalf of the customer over bills to reduce the monthly fees on services. According to the website, they have completed over 50,000 negotiations with an 85% success rate. The customers have been able to save an average of $285 annually per bill.

The service also guarantees high levels of security and customer data protection by 256-bit encryption and high-end online security technology.

Currently, the service is only available in the US in select cities and states, but they are working to expand the service to Canada.

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