What Are Mylar Bags Made of, and What Makes Them Durable?

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(Newswire.net — October 9, 2020) — Food and beverage producers continually seek safe and cost-effective packaging. Mylar remains a popular option for many reasons: durability, flexibility and protecting its contents from environmental conditions. It’s also a great option for child resistant packaging, especially for items like dietary supplements and medications. Mylar’s versatility makes it an excellent choice, but how does it offer its long-lasting freshness and protection? This quick guide shows you how it’s made and the benefits it offers for your packaging operations.

The Low-Down on Mylar

You’ve probably encountered mylar balloons at gift shops, grocery stores and florists. Mylar is simply a trade name for boPET, which is short for biaxially-oriented polyethylene terephthalate. BoPET is a type of polyester film fabricated from polyethylene terephthalate – that’s where the “PET” in boPET comes from. This thermoplastic polymer is lightweight, but it offers many other advantages:

  • High tensile strength
  • Chemical stability
  • Electrical insulation
  • Reflectivity
  • Dimensional stability
  • Transparency

White boPET is often used to package dairy products and liquids – you may have seen a translucent white film underneath the lid when opening a package of yogurt or cottage cheese. Thanks to its heat resistance, clear boPET is popular for packaging frozen or fresh ready meals. You may have also seen roasting bags made from boPET: That same heat resistance makes it perfect for use in ovens.

With its high tensile strength, mylar also serves as an excellent barrier material. Besides being puncture- and tear-resistant, gasses cannot pass through. Mylar is an excellent defense against oxidation and aroma loss, which is one reason why boPET is a popular choice for products such as coffee beans. With mylar’s performance as a barrier, aroma stays inside and air stays outside to maintain peak freshness.

Mylar Packaging and Custom Print Solutions

Mylar’s versatility also lies in its customization, making it perfect for applications such as coffee packaging printing. If you’ve seen coffee foil packaging, you probably understand how this works. Digital printing makes the customization process much easier – the packaging retains its integrity while displaying high-quality logo branding and visual design to catch the consumer’s eye.

Besides digital printing, durability and strong vapor barriers, mylar pouches offer even more benefits. The package can also be designed with many customization options – metallic films, hanging hole styles, transparent windows, tear notches and more.

Customized mylar packaging comes with a diverse array of options. With custom printed resealable bags, the product stays fresher for longer after the customer brings it home. These resealable pouches are also childproof, allowing adults to get to their contents while keeping children from ingesting the contents. This is possible thanks to certified child-resistant zippers, which require two-handed dexterity to operate.

Strong, Secure and Customizable Packaging

Mylar has proven its worth as a modern packaging material. Flexible, adaptable, durable and safe, it offers a huge range of options and can be easily tailored for food, beverage, dietary supplement, medication, cosmetics and other applications. When choosing a supplier, look for one whose packaging meets federal standards and certifications for content safety and child-resistant closures.