New Jersey Plastic Face Shield Protective Visor For Men and Women Launched

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South Bound Brook, NJ-based online merchant announces the launch of its clear plastic face shields with sizings specifically for adult and child wearers., an online merchant based in South Bound Brook, NJ, announced the launch of its clear plastic face shields for both adults both men and women. The product is designed to provide people an easy to wear but effective means of protecting their health when going outside their home.

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As cities and states reopen, people have begun venturing outside their home to resume work and other daily activities. However, the threat of a second wave of infection looms large and global health authorities recommend the use of personal protective equipment to help flatten the curve.

While face masks have become a common sight, they only cover the mouth and nose, leaving the eyes susceptible to droplets ejected after a person coughs or sneezes.

Video on the face shields is available at says that a face shield offers full-face coverage, thereby offering better protection when used in conjunction with face masks. It also created sizings specifically for kids and adults to maximize comfort and to ensure that the face shield does not slip off accidentally when worn.

The face shields are made of polycarbonate plastic, making them lightweight as well as water and dust resistant. They are also treated with anti‐fog and antistatic coating for maximum visibility.

The kids’ face shields also come in assorted colors and designs, making it easier to identify one’s child when they are playing outside. The merchant also offers dental face shields made of high optical visibility and distortion-free polyethylene film.

All face shield variants come in sets of 10, and are suitable for multiple use.

A company representative says: “The saying that prevention is better than cure has never been more true than in this new normal world. As both adults and kids begin resuming their everyday lives, they need adequate personal protective equipment to reduce the risks they face. We believe our face shields offer an effective and affordable solution.” is a leading online store that strives to give buyers the best products from all over the world at the best price.

More information about its products is available at: