Microwave for Home: Should You Rent it or Buy It?

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(Newswire.net — October 13, 2020) — There are various places where you can get a microwave on rent. They sure sound quite economic. But are they a viable enough option to go with? We all know how electronic items are quite delicate and can render useless even under the littlest of mishandlings or if you do not take proper enough care of it. But then again, what if you are low on cash? Which would be a more convenient option in the long run? Let’s take a look.

Pros of renting a microwave oven:

There are of course pros and cons to everything. Here too renting electronic items has its perks. You can even rent TV online as various sites provide you with such services. Such services are great when you have a rented place. Renting a microwave oven would be a good decision only in the terms of the money you spend on it. Renting it would of course cost less than purchasing a new one. It would also make it easier to find solutions to technical glitches that you face in the machine. 

It is also a good idea if you always have to be on the run. In that case, it is impossible to buy new stuff every time you settle in a new place. Also, the transportation of such items over king distances does not sound very viable either. 

Cons of renting a microwave oven:

We hate to break this to you, but renting electronic items, especially for household purposes does not sound like a very good plan. Here is why we think so. 

  • Lack of intimacy:

Household items require a certain level of intimacy from us. Renting them will never let that intimacy grow. This may sound odd at first but if you think of all the items around the house which are of daily use, you will see you have become well accustomed to it. This is the sense of intimacy that rented objects would not have. 

  • Chances of malfunctioning:

Rented machines may have more chances of malfunctioning than the one you bought for yourself after deliberate calculations and research. This would only increase inconvenience in your life. 

  • Lack of Variety:

While renting you will have to consider just a limited range of items only. While shopping offline, from the store and purchasing the whole of a machine lets you go through a wider collection. It however also depends on the place where you are renting the machine from. 

But again, all of the above largely depends on where you purchase or rent the machine. Renting may work very well for you, while for you purchasing it may do the trick. It is all based on the luck factor at the end of the day. Only in one case is the renting of household electronic goods an undoubtedly a good decision and that is when you shift about a lot. It is impossible to buy, let alone maintain so many machines so many new times. It is, therefore, better to rent than to buy if you are to be always on the run.