What Is Dry Shampoo

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(Newswire.net — October 13, 2020) — Have you ever used the regular shampoo and feel like it is doing more harm to your hair than good?

Well, the dry shampoo may be just what your hair care routine is needing! There is nothing worse than finishing up your hair care routine and realizing that your hair feels worse off than it did at the start!

And what’s more, sometimes you simply do not have time to get your hair wet, wash it and dry it. So dry shampoo offers many with on-the-go and busy lives an opportunity to give their hair some love in a much quicker and efficient way.

What is dry shampoo?

The main objective of dry shampoo is to be able to get rid of any excess oils, grease, or dirt that is clogging up your hair. It is actually pretty much the same objective as normal shampoos, except that your hair does not need to be wet to apply it to your hair. Nor does it need to be washed out!

The best dry shampoo can instantly make your hair look great again after a hard-core workout, a bad set of bed head or wanting to have your latest hair blowout last a little bit longer.

So how does it actually work?

You may be wondering how the heck dry shampoo actually works. Well, it all comes down to the ingredients! Dry shampoos tend to have much more active ingredients that are able to zap up any excess oils or sweat without needing to add water. In fact, the dry shampoo really focuses on your scalp and hair follicles, which give your hair an overall cleaner and shinier appearance. Best of all, these dry shampoos use ingredients that have natural fragrances so that your hair smells great to top it off!

What are the steps to using it?

Dry shampoo is very straightforward to use, although your individual method does need to consider the type of hair you have, how oily your hair is, and how long it is. In general, here are the steps you should follow when using dry shampoo:

1. Dry shampoo normally comes in a powder or spray format. So get a small bit of it (a little can go a long way) and apply to the crown of your head.

2. Massage the dry shampoo all over your scalp and try to get it on as many of your hair roots as possible—including the back of your head!

3. Continue massaging the dry shampoo until it is all transferred from your hands to your hair.

4. If needed, feel free to give your hair a bit of a blow-dry to give your hair some extra volume a the shampoo dries.

How often should you use it?

Once again, that’s a personal preference. In general, we would encourage you to make a decision that is best for your individual hair and play around with different frequencies to understand what gives you the best result. In general, you never want your hair to get too oily, so as soon as you feel an oil build-up starting to happen, make sure to give your head a dry shampoo treatment. For most people, they use dry shampoo around three times per week.

Why we love it

We love dry shampoo because it is a legend at getting rid of oils, dirt, and grease that we simply don’t want to deal with. And we love it just as much because we don’t have to get our hair wet to clean our hair! It is a great solution for girls on-the-go and many dry shampoos allow us to give our hair access to natural ingredients.