Three Weeks Before The Election More Than 10 Million Americans Already Voted

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(— October 14, 2020) —  Three weeks before the presidential election, Americans have already cast more than 10 million ballots in person or sent in by mail nationwide, seven times more than in previous elections, when 1.4 million people voted in the same period, according to data collected by the US Election Project. So, at least for now, it seems that the turnout in these elections will be much higher.

Today, the residents of Texas joined the millions of Americans who voted earlier, and according to the recordings from social networks, long lines could be seen in front of the polling stations in big cities such as Houston and Dallas, reports the Voice of America.

In Georgia, where voting began on Monday, some citizens waited in front of polling stations for as long as five hours. In that state, in addition to the presidential elections, elections for two seats in the Senate are also currently being held.

There were delays in some locations due to problems with voting machines, voter rights groups said, and similar problems led to long delays during the June primary elections.

Trump managed to question the correspondence votes, repeating allegations of fraud.

Republican candidates usually have the support of the majority of voters in Texas and Georgia, but this year the election race between President Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Joe Biden in those countries is more uncertain.

Trump won in Georgia in 2016 with a six percent difference as well as in Texas with a nine percent difference, but, according to the polls, he and Biden are now almost equal in Georgia, while in Texas, the president still managed to keep the advantage.

US President Donald Trump returned to the election campaign with a rally in Florida, the first after it was announced that he was infected with the coronavirus. At the rally of supporters, he again did not wear a protective mask, but he praised his resilience in the fight against the pandemic.

Arriving at the rally at Sanford Airport in Florida, Trump threw masks at those gathered. He says – he is full of energy.