Wedding Gift Etiquette You Should Know

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( — October 17, 2020) — The CDC estimates that there are near to 2.2 million weddings in the US annually. With all of those weddings, it’s only natural to think about what you’ll be bringing along with you. Gifts can range from the useful to the mundane, but some people like mundane gifts. For the gift-givers, it’s a constant battle. Wedding registries simplify the issue somewhat, but there’s still so much choice that there’s no telling where you’ll end up. Here we try to address some of the most common wedding gift etiquette ideas you should be aware of before choosing something for your friend or loved one on their special day.

Registries Are Suggestions, Not Mandates

Many people set up wedding registries at participating stores like Tradition Company to help gift-givers decide on a set series of gifts. If you visit the registry and find nothing that you’d want to give them, you could consider buying them something else. Newlyweds usually don’t know what’s on their registry (unless they took the time to choose the items themselves) and probably won’t even notice that you bought something that was outside of what they chose. Consult the store to see if they have a policy regarding purchasing items outside the registry. You may have to include it as a separately wrapped gift delivered on the wedding day if they do.

It’s Not Necessary to Send a Gift if You’re Not Going

Older individuals were brought up to think that wedding gifts are mandatory once you’re invited. Even if they RSVP as no, they still send over a gift because it’s how they were brought up. The fact is that if you’re not going, it’s not necessary to get a gift. You can still locate one and send it over, perfectly wrapped with a card. However, the choice to do is yours. The married couple won’t be looking out for gifts from people who said they wouldn’t be able to attend.

Don’t Feel Uncomfortable Giving Cash

Registry options can be tailored to the couple’s needs, and some of them set up cash registries for their wedding. The issue is that many of us don’t see cash as a gift. The trepidation comes with considering that no one is sure how much is “enough” cash to give to the couple. There are alternatives to making a cash deposit in their registry, however. You can always opt for a gift certificate at a store if you’d prefer a gift that isn’t cash.

Avoiding the Faux Pas

Nerd Wallet estimates that an item’s average price in a gift registry is around $72, with most guests spending as much as $106 per item. You don’t have to find yourself wondering what you could give at the wedding. Registries are a great way to narrow down results, and gift cards are there to back you up if the couple prefers cash. Think about what they’ll need to start a new life together. Chances are you won’t go wrong in choosing a gift if you get them something useful and practical that they’ll use every day of their lives.