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( — October 19, 2020) Victoria Point, QLD — Businesses are now in dire straits.  Many have already lost the battle. For those who have hung in, the time to rebuild is here. As economies start to re-open, demand for products and services will slowly increase. Demand will likely be down for some time. However, the unfortunate truth is that so will the competition be down!  

There will be customers with money to spend who find that their usual supplier has closed its doors. They will then come looking. Hopefully they will find you.  

Mr McNamara is an experienced business coach and mentor. He says that prospect and customer communication will be essential. “As you pick up new customers, you have to keep them” he says. A nurturing program of emails/letters, visits (if allowed) and phone calls is a must. Just because a new customer comes to you once, doesn’t mean that they will become a repeat customer”, he warns. It’s not uncommon for a customer to ‘play the field’ for a while until they settle into a relationship with a new supplier. A nurturing program helps them settle in with you instead of the others who are equally desperate for that customer’s patronage.” 

“As a business consultantI often help business owners to calculate the difference in resources required to secure a new customer for the first time, verse coaxing an existing customer back for a second, third, and fourth purchase. There is no comparison. Repeat business wins every day”, says Mr McNamara.

Mr McNamara suggests that it is not repeat business at the expense of new business. “Business owners need both! They need new customers to get the cash register ringing again. Plus, they need repeat business to keep it ringing throughout 2021 and beyond” he says. “This is a lot of work for already overworked business owners”, says James. “Technology today allows ongoing touch points to be automated via email, text and messenger. I advise business owners to divert part of their marketing resources to nurturing repeat purchases via automated processes. These automated processes support (not replace) your personal communication via phone, Zoom or visits as appropriate”, concludes Mr McNamara. 

During November Mr McNamara will be running a series of webinars where he will outline simple and practical strategies that businesses can use to Bounce Back in 2021. 

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