London Silk Sheets Bed Linen Duvet World Menopause Day Symptoms Line Launched

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London, England-based MayfairSilk launches a new line of silk bed linen in conjunction with World Menopause Day to share with women the benefits of sleeping on silk.

London, England-based MayfairSilk has announced the launch of a new line of Silk bed linen in conjunction with World Menopause Day. This launch is intended to share with women who may be experiencing symptoms of menopause or perimenopause the potential benefits of sleeping on silk sheets and duvet covers.

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This newly launched line of silk products uses 100% Pure Mulberry Silk can help the body regulate temperature. This is intended to help customers stay cool when the temperature is hotter and stay warm when the temperature is colder. The material is also breathable and has moisture-wicking properties so the material doesn’t get soaked with sweat and is able to dry quicker.

By using this type of silk, MayfairSilk aims to help customers who are dealing with several of the following potential symptoms of menopause and perimenopause. This includes difficulty in sleeping or mood swings, a dull complexion, hair thinning or breakage, and possible weight gain.

Because this new line of silk products is made from silk that is thermoregulating, it may offset symptoms that interfere with sleep, like hot flashes and night sweats which are caused by changes in the hormone levels affecting the body’s natural temperature control system.

MayfairSilk is also releasing this new line of 100% silk sheets to help women who may be having problems with their complexion. Given that silk has been found to have a similar pH level to the skin, sleeping on silk pillowcases may help with hydration.

This new line of MayfairSilk products is also hypoallergenic and dust-mite resistant, which is intended to customers with a healthy option for their skin that discourages bacterial growth and the spread of acne.

Dr. Terry, the author of the book ‘Hormonal Acne Solution, agrees that silk can be beneficial. “Pure silk is great because it is a natural fabric which doesn’t crease the skin so prevents formation of static lines (wrinkles) when we sleep. It also doesn’t absorb moisture from the skin like cotton does and so it prevents the skin and hair from getting dry and dehydrated. The luxurious feeling is an extra bonus to help one sleep better.”

More information on silk’s potential benefits for those experiencing symptoms of menopause and perimenopause, including to buy these 100% silk products, can be found at the link above.