Oklahoma Cannabis Digital Marketing CBD Google 3 Pack Services Launched

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A digital marketing specialist in Oklahoma has introduced a suite of promotional services for marijuana and CBD shops that will enable them to rank higher on local search engine results.

Digital marketing agency Gro Digital has introduced a series of services designed to improve the search engine rankings of cannabis businesses in Oklahoma City.

More information is available at https://grodigital.co

These services aim to improve the online visibility of businesses like marijuana dispensaries and cannabidiol (CBD) stores in local search results. According to the firm, its turnkey marketing solutions can help neighborhood businesses reach Google’s “3-pack”, a prominent section on the search engine’s first page.

The company offers custom search engine optimization (SEO) to gain targeted traffic and improve their Google My Business ranking. Its process involves researching and analyzing keywords, enhancing the technical aspect of the website, backlink building, and more to achieve organic traffic and growth.

These services can be utilized by different cannabis-based businesses, including dispensaries, growers, transporters, and equipment manufacturers.

Gro Digital sets itself apart by leveraging its local knowledge of the marijuana industry. It explained that it understands the rules of promoting cannabis companies without triggering content removals from moderators and authorities.

While CBD products are widely available in the state, it bans recreational marijuana use and only allows medical marijuana sales to license holders.

In January, Oklahoma Watch reported that since the approval, the state became “awash” with retail shops, with the state leading the country in the per-capita number of dispensaries at 56 per 100,000.

The result of this growth is a “price war” as over 2,200 licensed dispensaries across the state compete for business, according to the publication.

Despite their growing number, these marijuana businesses are bound to a number of restrictions, particularly in advertising. The state prohibits the advertising of medical marijuana on any billboard or outdoor sign.

Gro Digital offers pay-per-click or PPC advertising as an alternative. The company said that it understands the restrictions on posting ads related to the industry and knows how to make ad placements without getting them deleted or shut down.

Market research firm IBISWorld found that the industry of medical and recreational marijuana stores expanded by 28.7% between 2014 and 2019. It stated that its outlook for these stores remain “largely positive” in the five years leading to 2024.

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