Streaming Audio Platform Announces Pre-Seed Funding

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A new audio and podcasting platform has been announced by Vurbl. It will streamline and revolutionize podcast creation and distribution, providing creators with the tools they need to connect with larger audiences.

A new audio platform has been announced called Vurbl, designed to provide creators with the tools they need to grow their audience and monetize their audio content. The audio platform has just completed a $1.3 million pre-seed ahead of launch, securing funding from multiple sources.

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The team at Vurbl explain that they secured funding from AlphaEdison, Halogen Ventures, TEN13, and angel investors in audio, advertisement and entertainment.

The success of this campaign has been brought about by a drive and mission that saw them operating throughout the pandemic. The Vurbl team was committed to providing a comprehensive and streamlined platform for audio streaming.

Now that plan is one step closer to completion thanks to the successful pre-seed round. The investors sought involvement in what they declare will be a revolutionary platform and audio market for listeners, creators and brands.

The pre-seed funds will be used to develop and launch the Vurbl platform with over 25 million content pieces across their audio and podcast channels. The platform will be a space for creators to create and share their content, while listeners will be able to discover new content on demand more easily.

In addition to this, Vurbl has developed a network of editorial and partnership teams to support this new content creation venture. With this vision in mind, Vurbl seeks to become one of the largest opportunities online today.

The fundraising campaign has been managed by CEO and co-founder, Audra Gold, who maintained the smooth operations and efficiency during the pandemic. The Vurbl team developed the foundation of the platform while working remotely, while also creating significant media and advertising partnerships.

She stated: “Though it was challenging to raise money and build the Vurbl platform from our homes amidst a global pandemic, our team is made up of people who are not going to back down from a challenge and everyone made the most out of the situation.”

Vurbl provides an engaging platform for listeners looking to connect with voices and information from all types of field. They will be able to creat custom personalized playlists that streamline their listening process.

Interested parties can find out more about the platform and the upcoming launch on the URL above. Vurbl can also be followed on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.