Clean Bachelorette Party Box Questionnaire Game Activities Gift Set Launched

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A new clean bachelorette party box has been launched by Purely Bachelorette. They aim to help the bride to celebrate with her friends in a fun, engaging, and memorable way.

Purely Bachelorette has announced the launch of their new clean bachelorette party gift box. The party box is a new way for brides and their friends to celebrate their special day.

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Purely Bachelorette was created for those who really want to have fun and celebrate the upcoming nuptials with their friends, without the sometimes more popular explicit themes that usually surround bachelorette parties. Purely Bachelorette brings the focus back to the love of the bride and groom with their new party box.

The company explains that their box is full of creative and fun ways to create memories respectfully and are intended to be touching and refreshing for the bride and her guests, leaving them excited for the upcoming marriage celebration.

The clean party box is currently available in two color themes of royalty purple and purity white. The site also states that some of the activities included in the box require some preparation and advise that boxes are ordered in advance of the party they are required for.

Both gift boxes contain a variety of activities and accessories to add fun and elegance to any bachelorette party. There are five entertaining activities for the bride and her family and friends to partake in and a custom made Spotify playlist designed to get the party started.

There are also wearable items in the box, including a white and gold bachelorette sash, gold “bride tribe” temporary tattoos, and a floral headband for the bride to wear. There is also a gift for the bride and groom to enjoy. All of the items are contained within a black and gold “Love” tote bag that can be kept as a reminder of the celebration.

Michelle Williams, gospel singer and former member of the hit R&B group Destiny’s Child, recently endorsed Purely Bachelorette saying, “Now let me tell you about Purely Bachelorette, I love them!”

The company states: “What a joy it is to see the hearts of women truly blessed after using our bachelorette party box. We hope all women in different stages of their lives ranging from single, dating, engaged, and married will continue to be encouraged even after the party ends.”

Those wishing to find out more about Purely Bachelorette’s clean bachelorette party boxes can visit the website on the link provided above.