Dog Bedding Mold Resistant Prevent Pet Odors Red Cedar Ribbon Product Launched

Photo of author, an online retailer for hunting and dog equipment, has announced its new dog bedding made from red cedar ribbons to provide dog owners with a mold-resistant solution for dog bedding.

Hunting and dog training equipment supplier has launched its new red cedar dog bedding for people looking for bedding materials for their dog’s outdoor house.

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The newly released dog bedding from online supplier aims to give customers who are looking for dog bedding a solution that meets all of the requirements they need for their dog’s outdoor home such as warmth and mold-resistance.

When using bedding for an outdoor dog house, many people discover that several factors need to be considered to ensure the longevity of the bedding, as well as making sure it is comfortable for their dog. The new red cedar dog bedding from aims to give dog owners outdoor bedding with all the benefits they require.

The red cedar dog bedding from is made of red cedar shavings, which are ribbon cut. The ribbon cut design allows the shavings to stay together, resulting in less mess compared to traditional wood chip shavings. Furthermore, the ribbon cut shavings are more comfortable for dogs than wood chips as the ribbons are more resistant to dust and therefore prevents particles that can be an irritant to canines.

Using red cedar for bedding gives owners the benefit of the natural oils which occur in the wood. Red cedar oil is a natural means of masking pet odors, making a dog house smell cleaner for longer. Additionally, the oils repel insects such as fleas and ticks, making it more beneficial for both the dog and the owner.

When using bedding outdoors, there is always a risk of mold and mildew, which can cause problems with rotting as well as the longevity of the bedding. The red cedar bedding from resists mold and hot spots, making it a long-lasting outdoor bedding solution and that is cleaner than many alternatives. The red cedar ribbons can also be used for field crates, dog trailers, and whelping boxes when needed. was founded in 2004 by Joe Scarpy when he struggled to find quality hunting and dog training products. Since its formation, has aimed to give customers around the world the benefit of finding products that have been developed and tested by professional hunters and trainers.

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