NYC Natural Hair Mask Brand Launches With a Deep Conditioner for All Hair Types

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( — October 21, 2020) — Hair care expert Naté Bova of Naté Hair Care announced that a new Hair Masque With Wet Brush is launched and available to Restore All Hair Conditioning Needs

Naté Bova, the founder of Naté Hair Care, announced the launch of the new Naté Hair Masque with a custom scalp stimulating wet brush. With a lightweight formula made naturally for deep conditioning, this masque guarantees nourishment that is free of toxins and rich in nutrients essential for optimal hair health.

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The newly launched Naté Hair Masque With Wet Brush by Naté Bova aims to provide customers with a deep conditioner that works to restore shine, volume, and hydration for all hair types.

Naté decided to create this premium and natural conditioner to truly nourish all hair types after working in luxury salons and traveling the globe for the past two decades. Naté Hair Care combines the nourishing qualities of aloe vera, mineral rich pacific kelp and growth stimulating kaolin clay. These natural ingredients can aid hair transformation without compromising on quality.

In addition, this deep conditioner does not contain dimethicone, the greasy silicone found in most deep conditioners in the market. This means that the formula is very light and free of toxins without the feeling of heavy hair after deep conditioning.

Founder Naté Bova has been living in New York City for the past 20 years and has over 15 years of experience working at the prestigious Warren Tricomi Salon in the Plaza Hotel. She has also worked New York Fashion week for many years and has worked on New York’s most fabulous clientele.

A happy Naté Hair Masque customer’s testimonial attests, “I love how this masque makes my hair soft but strong. Shiny but not weighed down or greasy. Its my “Good Hair Day” go to. This is a beauty must have!”

“Magic Masque!

Beyond impressed with the effectiveness of this mask. For the first time ever my ultra fine processed hair isn’t left weighed down; Instead it feels airy and soft for days to follow – so incredible! I love the wet brush that’s included too. Brilliant formula — Highly recommend”

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