How To Shop Your Baju Tradisional Melayu Online; A Simple Guideline

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( — October 20, 2020) — Online shopping is not something new for us, the internet has been our staple for the last few years and the consumption has evolved from email to news, social media, and latest; online shopping. With the rise of different e-commerce platforms, it also increases the demand for clothing lines and offers the range from day-to-day to e-commerce platforms that offer different ranges of baju tradisional melayu.

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1. Decide on the design that you prefer

First, you need to look into what kind of design you wish to buy. Run a little bit of research on the latest trend, or discuss with your family before you purchase. For baju tradisional melayu, the design varies from baju kurung, kebaya nyonya, kebarung or different kurung options from different states! Each design comes with a traditional and modern look that showcases a different style of the clothes.  The type of traditional attire you choose will also depend upon the occasions whether it’s for festivities, formal events or casual wear.

2. Size matters!

The most important part of choosing the baju tradisional melayu is the sizing. Different designers design the attire based on unique chart size. It is also due to the unique approach of each designer in creating their masterpiece and maintaining the intrinsic and high quality. Make sure that you measure up yourselves, and check the sizing chart, read it carefully and compare it with your measurement before you add the item to your cart.

3. Choose the right material

You cannot get the real picture of the baju tradisional melayu just by looking at the visuals. A  picture speaks a thousand words but not in choosing your clothes online. What you see online may be slightly different in real life. Therefore, it is important to read and do research on the fabric including its quality, the elements of comfort and also the methods to take care of garments once you own it. Besides, you will also need to look into the colours and patterns that suit the design and your occasions. 

4. Checking out

Once you have chosen the one and added them to the cart, you are ready to check out! But first, please make sure that you have picked the right clothes, with the perfect size. Next, check your posting address and consignments. Make sure that it could be delivered to the address of your choice and you could receive the parcel on the expected delivery date, to ease the whole process. Finally, check on the payment gateway and make sure it is secured and accept the transaction via cards or direct debit from your issuing bank. Don’t forget to also make sure that there’s no hidden charge imposed on you. Provide any online vouchers for more discounts!

Online shopping is not rocket science. Shopping has never been easier since the existence of an online platform as it is simple, time-saving, and straightforward. Be sure to keep yourselves updated with the latest promotion and new collections by signing up for your e-commerce newsletter. Happy shopping!