TikTok Viral Dance Challenge Trendy Song Top 5 Artists Report Released

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Top 5 songs on TikTok are all from emerging artists. Now available on Spotify, they’re already moving up in charts. Gill The iLL is among the top viral music artists on TikTok in the latest report.

The TikTok charts are out now and the most popular artists with the viral songs on TikTok are some of the new and upcoming artists. A lot of the viral trends on TikTok seem focused on emerging artists this year 2020. Some of the artists include the socially aware Gill The iLL and the aptly named pop artist DJ Quarantine. All of these artists have their songs released on Spotify. Check out their profiles and other catalogs by searching them on Spotify. Here are the top 5 songs trending on TikTok right now:

1. The Karen Song by Gill The iLL – Karen calling the manager or the police has been the trend in 2020. This upcoming and trending musician described her aptly in this latest released song. TikTok has a 1 minute excerpt from the song, but the full Karen song is even more fun to listen to. Check it out on Spotify: https://spoti.fi/356zrkc

2. Savage Love by Gill The iLL – This female cover song of the original Savage Love by Jason Derulo, based on Laxed Siren Beat (by Jawsh 685) does justice to the catchy beats! This voice is raw, beautiful and unheard before. Check out the viral videos on TikTok on this hot favorite! For the full song: https://spoti.fi/3nUnCWR

3. Chicken Wing Beat by DJ Quarantine – DJ Quarantine is one of the few of the emerging DJs with an impressive list of remixed songs that have been well loved by the TikTok audience. Viral videos of The Chicken wing song’s TikTok dance challenges have been all over social media. The full song in Spotify is even more catchy and would definitely be played on loop. It’s that good! Here is the link: https://spoti.fi/3jY6w8h

4. The Banjo Beat by Remix Kingz – Another viral TikTok song that gained a cult following immediately after its release, The Banjo Beat song is at the top of the long list of song trends started by Remix Kingz in TikTok. This popular song is already charting in Spotify. Check it out: https://spoti.fi/3428BKL

5.Mood by Gill The iLL – Latest in the list of TikTok video trends is this song asking “Why you always in the mood”. This one is a female cover song of the original by 24KGoldn and the girl has made a fantastic version. Check it out on Spotify for the full cover: https://spoti.fi/3j42MAX

As TikTok has grown in popularity, one of the most engaging trends is users creating short music or dance videos based on these pre-recorded songs. The newly launched list explains that the five above-mentioned options have become some of the most in-demand songs on the app.

TikTok dance videos in particular have become a highly popular form of entertainment. Videos are shared across other social media platforms as well, including YouTube and Instagram.

As detailed in the newly launched list, Gill the ILL, Curtis Roach, Powfu, Saint John and Jawsh 685 have garnered more popularity than many of the other options available. They have newer beats, trendy music, and have developed a reputation as being more favorable for the younger crowd.

TikTok is a short video creation service that allows app users to sing, dance, act or mime to a background music piece. As a result, some of the biggest viral hits are those that have catchy music or engaging beats.

The app community is centered around trending hashtags and challenges, with users competing against each other in dance routines. Once a dance has been created, other uses can copy the moves and produce their own version.

In recent months, TikTok has continued to grow in popularity. It provides a framework that makes it easy for users to create, and with the pandemic still impacting families around the world, it offers worldwide engagement on a large scale.