Scotch Plains NJ Assisted Living Dementia Care Senior Services Updated

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Newly updated senior care services have been launched by Bonjour Home Care in New Jersey. They pride themselves on helping clients to maintain their independence and dignity in a comfortable environment.

Bonjour Home Care, based in Scotch Plains, New Jersey, has launched a newly updated service for local patients. They provide assisted living, dementia care, Alzheimer’s care and hospice care with full-service, 24/7 support available for clients.

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The senior care specialists have developed a reputation as a leading care provider in the New Jersey area. As part of their commitment to quality service, their solutions begin with a no-cost and no-obligation visits to the client and their family.

This is a chance for potential clients and the family to discuss their needs and concerns. The information provided in this initial visit can be used to create a customized plan centered around the family’s goals.

Bonjour Home Care has a dedicated, professional team with a focus on maintaining independence, safety and privacy for clients. All of their care services are centered around ensuring peace of mind and overall wellbeing.

With their newly updated elder care services, the team matches each patient’s medical, mental, social and physical needs through personal elder care at home in New Jersey.

Research shows that almost 90% of seniors want to stay in their own homes as they age. However, for many reasons, it can be impractical for seniors to live unassisted. This is where high quality assisted living services can help.

The team at Bonjour Home Care provide personalized care designed for optimal peace of mind. Clients benefit from staying in the comfort of their home, close to their loved ones and the memories they cherish.

Alongside this, clients are able to enjoy privacy, independence and maintain their dignity. The team can help with daily living activities, which include bathing, meal preparation and medicinal reminders.

The team states: “For several people in New Jersey, bringing an elder home care into the home may seem like a stressful change, but Bonjour Senior Home Care in New Jersey do everything we can to make that change as easy as possible.”

Full details of the newly updated services can be found on the URL above.