Woodbridge VA Spicy Hand Pie Catering Events Ugandan Cuisine Services Launched

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Woodbridge premium Ugandan hand pie company Gumax International have recently launched their delivery and catering services, delivering Guma Spicy Pies to large local events and celebrations.

Local independent Woodbridge company Gumax International Ltd have updated their Ugandan hand pie production services to include delivery and catering for events such as dinner parties, weddings, and corporate events.

More information is available at https://gumapies.com

In addition to running the Guma Cafe and Grill, Gumax International produce Guma spicy pies, a top-quality hand pie, expertly prepared as an appetizer or hors d’oeuvres. As well as offering a range of other premium Ugandan dishes, the local company offers their Guma spicy pie services to cater large events, with mobile food truck and kiosk options available.

In keeping with the current trend for global food, Guma spicy pies are a unique product that combines world class cuisine and the authentic feel of a homemade pastry. Guma spicy pies are different from other appetizers due to its unique blend of seven popular global spices and sauces, which work to create bold world-class flavors.

An ideal appetizer choice for bars, hotels, and resorts, Guma spicy pies can be prepared in under 5 minutes and have a shelf life of 6-12 months. The choice of fillings, including beef, chipotle chicken, crab, lamb, lobster, or vegetable, are contained in a delicate flaky pastry. Cooked with little to no oil, the Guma hand pies are similar to samosas and empanadas, but with a Ugandan twist.

Each unit of Guma Spicy Pies contains 20 hand pies. This small independent caterer also serves Burke, Newington, Lorton, and Fairfax Station in addition to the wider Virginia areas.

The newly launched food service is ideal for people looking to cater events with traditional Ugandan cuisine, including weddings, office parties, and private gatherings. Gumax International’s services also include food truck and kiosk catering for larger local events, ideal for the festive period.

For their mobile food truck catering services, Gumax International do not charge for travel and delivery and also offer discounts on larger orders. This hot food and beverage service is ideal for high-end residential, outdoor, business district, and tourist attraction events in Woodbridge, in addition to smaller local communities including Dumfries, Triangle, and Fort Belvoir.

The Guma Cafe and Grill’s daily menu showcases authentic world cuisines, serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner throughout the week. Top pastry chef and Gumax International founder, Augustine Guma has over 15 years of experience in restaurants and catering, during which time he has created destination for authentic world flavors in Woodbridge, VA.

A spokesperson for the company said “We use only the finest ingredients to craft our culinary breakfast & lunch creations. From our hearty American breakfast to our signature Guma sliders, each dish is seasoned, cooked, and assembled to perfection. We cook meals you’ll want again and again! ”

More information is available at the above-mentioned website. For more details on the company, please visit http://gumax.org