Affiliate Marketing Automated Sales Home Based Business Program Launched

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IM Test Labs announced that the new Ambassador affiliate program by marketer John Thornhill is now available for those looking to start a successful home-based business.

IM Test Labs announced the launch of the new Ambassador affiliate program by veteran marketer John Thornhill. This comprehensive web-based program offers the tools necessary to achieve success online.

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The newly launched Ambassador affiliate program by John Thornhill aims to help people worldwide start their own successful business and become financially independent.

Affiliate marketing is an online marketing practice where business is shared between online merchants and salespeople. By starting an affiliate marketing business, people are able to become their own salesperson, choosing when and who to work with, and also have the convenience of working from their own home and as their own boss.

The new Ambassador affiliate program by experienced marketer John Thornhill can help participants make and sell their own products online. This step-by-step training covers a wide range of skills, including niche research, graphic creation, sales video and sales page creation, domain registration, selling product strategy, sales funnels product branding, and many more.

By choosing the Ambassador program, participants also receive a custom built webinar funnel completely set up and ready to generate subscribers and take orders. This can save one significant time and expense trying to build a funnel.

In addition, this affiliate marketing system can automatically collect the email addresses of all leads entering the funnel and capture them in one’s Aweber account.

John Thornhill further provides 99 days of ready made sequential email campaigns which are plugged into one’s Aweber autoresponder system. Thus, participants will be able to generate leads and sales on a daily basis.

As part of the Ambassador affiliate program, participants also benefit from a custom built affiliate tracking website that can generate a 50/50 profit share from sub affiliate earnings.

IM Test Labs states: “John Thornhill is really good at teaching and providing the tools and support we all need to survive the twists and turns of working in the online space. It can be discouraging at times but when you have a mentor who actually answers his email and is willing to work with you, you have found someone special.”

Interested parties can find more by visiting the above-mentioned website.