Online And Print Publication Content Marketing List Growth Masterclass Launched

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A new content marketing and media outreach masterclass has been launched by Kimanzi Constable. He trains entrepreneurs in the most effective way of contributing to major news and media publications.

Kimanzi Constable has launched a new large publications masterclass showcasing proven methods for contributing to large media and news publications. It also offers expert guidance on securing paid writing gigs and getting published in major newspapers.

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Kimanzi explains that the reason why some entrepreneurs don’t build the business they want is because they lack an audience. The key to this is growing an email list that can have larger reach and more reliability than social media.

One of the most effective ways of building a list is by becoming a contributor to large publications. These have such a big audience that they can help entrepreneurs reach more prospects, get new clients, sell more books and products, and secure more paid writing roles in future.

With the newly launched program, entrepreneurs will learn how to get their own contributor accounts. This will allow them to consistently publish content that gets in front of audiences of millions of people.

As examples of the potential reach, Kimanzi highlights that Inc. gets almost 70 million monthly visitors, while Forbes gets 121 million visitors per month, and Business Insider reaches 100 million monthly readers.

With the newly launched masterclass, entrepreneurs will learn how to get their work published across these publications and more. Kimanzi himself has had content published on over 30 different publications, including Entrepreneur Magazine. Now he’s helping entrepreneurs to increase their reach following his proven methods.

He states: “The Large Publications Masterclass will teach you how to write, pitch, become a contributing writer, and leverage the power of large media publications. This is a program that comes with a private group, super actionable content, and some tactical templates that are designed to get you quick results and real income.”

Within the masterclass, participants will get access to screen-shared video training, practical training, homework assignments, documents and templates, and ongoing support. Modules will cover writing for large publications, idea generation, headline structure, the best way to pitch, and a wide range of other options.

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