Cardiff Funeral Home Director Cremation Arrangement Expert Services Launched

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Ivor Thomas Funerals (029-2169-0022), a family-owned funeral director based in Cardiff, has launched its new range of affordable cremation and funeral arrangement services in Cardiff, Caerphilly and the surrounding areas to service the community.

Ivor Thomas Funerals, a family-owned funeral director based in Cardiff, Wales, has announced the launch of its cremation and funeral arrangement services for the local communities in Cardiff, Caerphilly, and the surrounding areas.

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With the latest announcement, the funeral home aims to provide a range of personalised funeral options for the residents of Cardiff and its neighboring areas. The firm can take care of every aspect of planning and conducting a traditional funeral service at the request of its local clients.

As part of its bespoke services, the management staff of Ivor Thomas Funerals can come to the home of the family members to assist them with the funeral planning process. The funeral home provides local clients with a variety of comprehensive, affordable, and customer-centric funeral services that they can choose from for their loved ones.

Ivor Thomas Funerals offers specially-designed funeral service packages that include a range of funeral options, such as traditional, humanist, and eco-friendly services. It offers a range of hearses that can be drawn by motorcycles, bicycles, or even horses. It provides various types of coffins that are made from different materials and available in a range of designs. The funeral home can also organize floral arrangements for all funerals conducted in the local area.

Due to the current situation and for the safety of its visitors, the firm has updated its funeral services to present clients with a special direct cremation and burial package that makes it possible for them to bid farewell to the deceased in a personalised and dignified manner. To adhere to social distancing rules, this special package includes the possibility of live streaming or recording the funeral service for friends and family, as only immediate family members are allowed to attend the service in person.

Ivor Thomas Funerals is an independent and family-run company that has been providing simple, traditional, and affordable funeral arrangement services to local families for years. The funeral company is well-known in the UK for its range of funeral options, including direct funerals, pure service funerals, and bespoke funerals that are straightforward, clear, and respectful to the deceased.

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