Morning Sickness Remedy With Aromatherapy Essential Oils Pressure Therapy Launch

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NoMo Nausea bands for pregnant women are available at retailers and hospitals worldwide. They help eliminate nausea and headache through the soothing properties of peppermint oil and acupressure.

A natural morning sickness remedy, by NoMo Brands, is available to pregnant women around the world. The remedy entails the use of aromatherapy, medical grade essential oils, and long-lasting pressure-point therapy.

Want to know How Does NoMo Nausea Band Work? This video explains it all.

The newly announced remedy, which takes all but 30 seconds to stop morning sickness in early pregnancy, comes in the form of a band infused with essential oil scents. Called NoMo Nausea, it was invented by Dr. Jacqueline Darna, who herself is a mother.

The nausea-eliminating bands are made with peppermint oil to provide a soothing sensation to its wearers. They are clinically proven and patented to provide natural, drug-free relief from upset stomach and migraines.

It is believed that one of the universal ways of relieving nausea and headaches is by applying pressure on a particular point of one’s wrist called the vascular meridian. This pressure point is located on the underside of the wrist, about three fingers from the wrist crease and between the pointer and middle finger tendon.

It is with the aforementioned knowledge in mind that the NoMo Nausea wrist band was created with the pressure point therapy feature which targets the same vascular meridian in pregnant women. Apart from providing relief through its acupressure feature, the band’s peppermint oil infusion delivers a cooling sensation within two minutes of wearing it.

Added to the two aforementioned features, the peppermint’s active ingredient, menthol, helps to ease the expectant mother’s upset stomach by decreasing colonic spasm and dry heaving. The menthol also serves to increase oxygen to the brain which helps to relieve headaches.

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The NoMo Nausea band came into being during Dr. Darna’s second pregnancy. The doctor and mother related that during her emergency c-section she kept throwing up both in the operation room and after the surgery, and the only thing that helped ease her upset stomach were two peppermint leaves.

After discovering the soothing powers of the herb, the doctor came up with the idea to create the bands, which are now available in over 10,000 retail stores including CVS, BuyBuy Baby, Bed Bath & Beyond, and amazon. NoMo Nausea bands are also used in hospitals across the world.

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