Wilmington NC Accordion Hurricane Shutters For Storms And Tornados Launched

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A new online source of high quality professionally installed accordion hurricane shutters has been launched for owners of homes and businesses in Wilmington, North Carolina.

An online source of customized accordion hurricane shutters has been launched for the residents of the North and South Carolinian coast. The site is specifically targeting the residents of Wilmington, North Carolina who often suffer from the high winds and surf of damaging hurricanes.

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This website was launched after the last hurricane on the coast of North Carolina wrought several billion dollars in damage. The creators found that many residents in Wilmington were unaware of the hurricane protection now available through the installation of high quality, modern accordion hurricane shutters. After extensive research, it was found that if a Wilmington home or business owner is looking for a combination of cost, protection, and ease-of-use, accordion storm shutters are the best option.

Accordion Storm Shutters provide durable life-time security and increase the value of homes and businesses. This new website gives Wilmington residents a 24/7 source of customized, personalized, and quality made storm shutters. The shutters are skillfully mounted and are made to last for the lifetime of the properties they protect.

They are suitable for windows and doors and are designed to protect every open area of both industrial and residential properties. All storm shutters sold through this site are mounted by seasoned professionals. Once in place, they will protect Wilmington’s doors, windows, patios, balconies, terraces, stores, hotels, and warehouses from wind, rain, and even human intruders.

The hurricane shutters available through this new website are also cosmetically appealing and can dress up any building in Wilmington. They come in a multitude of colors and can be coordinated with the paint job of a building to give it a more pleasing presentation.

Wilmington residents appreciate the hurricane shutters available from this resource because of the many high-quality features that are included. The shutters feature ease of operation and can be mounted in any window or door length as they don’t require any type of reinforcement. The accordion hurricane shutters offered have sturdy nylon wheels, which allow them to open and close almost instantly.

Also, the accordion hurricane shutters are constructed with heavy-gauge, extruded aluminum. And all these accordion hurricane shutters have a locking mechanism that protects the properties against the winds and water surges associated with the hurricanes that plague the Wilmington area.

The launch of the Wilmington, NC accordion hurricane shutter website gives all those in the Wilmington area the perfect source for all their hurricane shutter needs.

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