Top Office Supplies That You Must Have in Your Office

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( — October 23, 2020) — Every office needs some equipment to help make work easier and smoother. An office should have all the essential office equipment in the right quantities for the employees to work efficiently and productively. Companies spend huge amounts of money to purchase office supplies, especially when starting up as you have to purchase everything you need at a go.

At times we are used to having them around and may end up not appreciating their importance. In fact, the lack or damage of some of these equipment can slow down your operations or even halt it. Below are some of the most important supplies for any type of office.

Writing Instruments

Even after the introduction of computers and mobile phones that allow paperless conversations, the need for pens in an office has not changed. You still need to write some reminders on a paper, do some calculations or sketches and many other uses. Your office should be well equipped with writing equipment like pens, pencils, highlighters and makers if you want smoother operations.

Paper Products

The use of papers writing materials have reduced over the last few decades, but offices still use paper supplies in their day-to-day operations. You can minimise paper usage, but you cannot go entirely paperless since employees still need writing materials like spiral notebooks, writing pads, graph paper, pocket notebooks, printer papers, copy papers and many more.

Paper clips

Paper clips are of great importance when it comes to organising your office space. You can keep your desk tidy by clipping related paper documents together and placing them on a documents tray. There are different types and sizes of paper clips available in the market.

Binding Materials

Every office needs binding materials like glue, rubber bands, tape, staples, stapler, glue sticks, pushpins and thumbtacks. Each of the materials has a unique role in the office, and their use makes work more presentable.

Filing Materials

Popular filing materials include box files, manila file folder, pocket folder, banker boxes, filing cabinets and many more.


You need boards to communicate and present your ideas to a group of people. Some of the boards available in the market include vision boards, graph paper boards, poster boards, scheduling boards and whiteboards.


You will sometimes need scissors, mostly when cutting papers and opening boxes. Cutting materials with scissors produce neater work than doing it with other cutting materials.

Mailing Supplies

If your office work involves outside collaborations, you have some time to send documents and parcels to third parties. Having essential mail supplies like letter envelopes, padded envelopes, shipping labels, catalogue envelopes and other mailing materials readily available in your store will save you time.

Identification Supplies

These materials include nameplates, name badges for visitors, business cards.

Cleaning Supplies

Clean office environment gives employees a happy mood, plus they also send a positive image to your customers and potential customers. Some of the office surfaces like the tables need frequent cleaning, more so if you have to serve numerous customers in a day. Even if you have hired professional cleaners, you still need to stock cleaning materials like soap, disinfectant wipes and disposable rubber gloves.