Trulicity Type 2 Diabetes Blood Sugar Medicine Comparison Service Launched

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A comparison service has been launched designed to help Americans find cost-effective Trulicity from licensed pharmacies in Canada. The product can help reduce the side-effects of type 2 diabetes.

A new comparison service has been launched aimed at patients interested in purchasing Trulicity, the medicine designed to improve blood sugar results. The eDrugSearch service aims to provide Americans with the medicine they need for less so they can maintain their health.

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The newly launched comparison service can help people find Trulicity, which is also known as Dulaglutide, at a price that works for them. Trulicity can prevent major cardiovascular events such as heart attack, stroke, or in the worst case scenario, death. It is a prescription medicine that helps people with heart disease or those are vulnerable to multiple risk factors.

Americans who use the comparison service can expect to save almost 50% and no discount card is required. The team behind eDrugSearch have a strict policy to ensure patient safety, which means only approved licensed pharmacies are listed. The service is ideal for people who are uncomfortable discussing their medical issues face-to-face and prefer to remain relatively anonymous.

Offering patients access to affordable medication is a key driving force behind the platform say the team. They understand some people may skip taking their medicine if they feel they are unable to afford it, which is potentially dangerous and could compromise their health.

In addition, people who are trying to minimize face-to-face contact and want to avoid queuing in long lines at their local pharmacy may benefit from this service. The money that people save on the cost of their medication could potentially be reinvested to help them achieve the lifestyle they dream of living.

Trulicity is not insulin, but it does help to control blood sugar in several ways say the team. It can control how much sugar is absorbed into the blood from the liver, it can slow down how quickly food leaves the stomach, and it can help the pancreas regulate insulin in response to high levels of sugar in the blood after eating.

A representative said: “eDrugSearch allows Americans to safely import their medications from the privacy of their own home. Since 2007, we have been helping Americans save money on prescription drugs by buying them from licensed Canadian pharmacies.”

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