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Oceanside water-sports equipment retailer Pure Watersports has launched its updated range of kayak and free-dive supplies to include SUP (stand-up paddle) boards, ideal for angling and aquatic leisure.

Pure Watersports, an aquatic sports equipment retailer in Oceanside CA, has updated its range of watersports products, now including SUP (standup paddle) boards, in addition to free-dive supplies and top-quality kayaks.

More information is available at https://www.purewatersportsoceanside.com

The water-sports retailer, previously known as Oceanside Dive & Kayak, is dedicated to delivering premium quality Hobie kayaks and spearfishing equipment to customers in San Diego county. Pure Watersports newly updated online store offers kayaks and SUPs, in addition to free-dive equipment and Thule roof racks.

Pure Watersports’ newly launched range of SUPs include the Dura Glide 9-6, Dura Glide 10-10, Mirage Eclipse 12-0, Mirage Eclipse 10-5. SUPs require minimal set up and are stable and versatile enough to practice fishing while standing.

The Dura Glide models fuse the versatility of a full-sized kayak with unmatched portability to create a board built for performance and stability. The Mirage models are the world’s first standing pedal board, for excellent steering and speed.

The Mirage 12-0 and 10-5 SUPs are expertly designed for a superior ride, allowing the user to have exceptional control over the board while remaining stable. The Hobie H Crate accessory allows anglers to add four fishing rod holders and other tackle to the Mirage models, enabling them to easily stand and fish.

Each product, including the new SUPs, has a comprehensive description of its physical dimensions, weight capacity, and standard features, such as its color and intended use.

In addition to the newly launched range of versatile SUPs, Pure Watersports stocks a range of free-dive supplies including masks, snorkels, fins, spearguns, wetsuits, and aquatic accessories, designed for spearfishing enthusiasts and anglers. Pure Watersports stocks free-dive equipment from premium brands including Riffe, Cressi, and Maverick America.

The newly updated range at Pure Watersports includes a number of professional-standard Hobie Cat kayaks, with 19 models to choose from, including boats for beginners and experienced kayakers. They offer Mirage Pedal Kayaks, Mirage Pro Angler Fishing Kayaks, Mirage inflatable Pedal Kayaks, and paddle kayaks, in a range of top models and specifications.

This newly launched range is ideal for customers looking to supply their kayaking and SUP rental companies in Oceanside, in addition to people that have a personal passion for water-sports.

More information is available at the URL above, or by calling +1-760-721-6195.