Chelsea LND Relationship Therapy Alternative Ancient Meditation Service Launched

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Serving Chelsea, London, Heart Wisdom Process has launched its updated coaching, which provides couples suffering from relationship issues an alternative to traditional talk-therapy sessions.

Heart Wisdom Process has announced its updated virtual relationship coaching in Chelsea, London for couples looking for an alternative to counselling therapy. The coaching can help people to heal emotional wounds and resolve deep relationship issues in order to improve both their relationships and overall wellbeing.

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The updated coaching provided by Heart Wisdom Process aims to give couples the ability to improve their relationships through the use of guided meditation processes and self-healing. The coaching provided by the clinic targets unhealthy conditioning within a person’s body and uses holistic Eastern techniques that work to resolve their underlying self-destructive issues.

Over time many relationships can struggle with problems ranging from communication breakdowns, power struggles, infidelity, and addiction. These issues often stem from subconscious conditioning within individuals and are manifested in the problems between couples. Furthermore, many people can be unwilling to go to relationship counselling as they do not want to talk about painful events from their past or have a negative opinion of counselling due to its surrounding stigmas.

Heart Wisdom Process aims to offer people an alternative to counselling and couples therapy with their relationship coaching sessions that consider the body’s own self-awareness triggers as well as negative parental and ancestral beliefs and how people can release them. Based on ancient meditation techniques, the coaching also allows people to become aware of their own destructive behaviours in order to resolve them and, in turn, improve their personal relationships.

While traditional couples therapy can require ongoing sessions lasting several years, the coaching from Heart Wisdom Process only requires a commitment of six months to a year. This commitment allows couples to benefit from the retraining of their body’s subconscious conditioning which provides a long-lasting effect that can continue to improve their lives after the sessions have ended.

Founded by Paul Wong, Heart Wisdom Process was developed following his experiences of practising various healing methods while spending time with spiritual masters in India. He now aims to bring this knowledge to help benefit others seeking to improve their lives through his transformative healing sessions.

Heart Wisdom Process offers private relationship coaching through remote skype sessions when required, allowing people to be able to improve their relationships and resolve complex personal issues without the need to visit an office.

Interested parties can find more information by visiting the website mentioned above.