Digital Hub Asian TV Radio Ratings Exclusive Celebrity Interviews Launched

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A digital hub has been launched dedicated to Asian TV ratings, exclusive celebrity interviews, and industry gossip. The team behind Biz Asia Live pride themselves on providing reliable updates.

A new digital hub dedicated to Asian TV ratings for the UK, India, and Pakistan has launched. Biz Asia Live aims to provide users with access to the TV and radio ratings they are interested in along with exclusive celebrity interviews and industry gossip.

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The newly launched digital hub offers press, radio, TV, and digital insights as well as interviews with leading industry figures. For instance, a recent report on ‘Anupamaa’ explains the show reached over 100,000 viewers the last time an episode aired. This result helped the TV channel Star Plus increase its viewer share when compared to other popular options including Sony TV and New Vision TV.

Another report highlights the fact the BBC Asian Network has added several new DJs to its residency list. This includes DJ Nojan, Almass Badat, Aneesha Kotwani, and DJ Kye. The team behind the new digital hub explain the Asian Network Residency is a coveted position as it aims to showcase the best in new and emerging DJ talent with a focus on dance music.

From November 2020 listeners can hear the new residents as they will be rotating every Sunday night and into Monday morning. The DJs taking part will have the chance to share special mixes with listeners and demonstrate their abilities. The kind of exposure the DJs receive can help them build their career in the music industry, add the team.

Updates from around the world are shared via the hub, including a report on the recently lifted TikTok ban in Pakistan. The team say it had been banned in the country due to complaints about indecent content. They added that all accounts involved in spreading immorality will be blocked so other users can enjoy the service.

A company representative said: “Biz Asia Live aims to be reliable, trustworthy, and passionate about everything discussed. This digital hub appeals to a wide audience globally as it offers breaking Asian entertainment updates.”

To find out more, interested parties are invited to visit the link provided.