Fractional Chief Marketing Officer Josh Ramsey Boosts Lead Generation

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Marketing Specialist Josh Ramsey offers his Fractional CMO services for companies that want to benefit from the expertise of an executive-level marketer minus the long-term contract.

Marketing Specialist Josh Ramsey provides Fractional Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) services aimed at companies that need C-level marketing direction without the full-time cost.

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Josh Ramsey provides businesses with both strategic and tactical marketing leadership to promote brand growth. This service is delivered on a fractional or outsourced basis, which means that companies are not required to commit to a long-term engagement.

His process begins with starter programs, where he evaluates a client’s website and marketing strategy for areas of improvement. After completing this process, the client has the option to continue their engagement with Mr. Ramsey as their CMO.

Josh offers this service on two levels, Micro-CMO and Full-Tilt CMO. The former option provides 24 hours of consultation and four hours of office visits, in addition to budget direction and review, media-buy negotiations, provision of design outlines, and access to an assistant.

Full-Tilt provides 50 hours of consultation monthly and eight hours of in-person assistance. Apart from including the offerings in the Micro-CMO package, it also features the creation of a marketing plan, SEO strategies, and access to proprietary programs, among others.

Moreover, Mr. Ramsey provides a Digital Marketing Director Service, where he can take on a leadership role in planning and implementing marketing strategies for a client. This option includes advice on SEO strategies and the management of marketing teams in which he reviews the performance of the members and offers advice and direction.

Customers who are looking for a shorter engagement may also hire Mr. Ramsey or one of his strategists on an hourly basis. Mr. Ramsey and his team can also develop content for businesses that need SEO-friendly articles for their websites.

According to Mr.Ramsey, a Fractional Chief Marketing Officer is ideal for companies that are not yet ready to hire a full-time CMO. He explained that the outsourced set-up allows these companies to obtain senior-level marketing direction without the associated costs.

A 2019 Ad Age industry insight offered the “outsourced model” as a possible solution to finding a Chief Marketing Officer who excels in the various categories that facilitate business growth. For instance, it stated that while some organizations need a full-time CMO, others “simply need CMO-level analysis”.

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