How To More Effectively Set up Mining Operations

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( — October 27, 2020) — Mining companies have a reputation for being slow to adopt new technologies given the scale and complexity of operations plus the significant costs of changing over. Weakened global demand for specific minerals has created challenging market conditions that are guiding mining companies towards adopting digitalization. There are benefits to adopting digitization trends in mining operations, including more agile, efficient, and safer mining sites.

Optimize and Minimize

The smoothest transition into digitalization that mining operations can take is to find ways to optimize and minimize. There’s not much business risk when it comes to automating operations, nor is there a web of complex organizational interactions to adopt.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is synonymous with automation. They’re able to analyze data collected from equipment and machinery as well as help companies make informed decisions to improve performance. AI has a stronger and faster processing ability than humans, making it better able to learn and improve as new variables are introduced. Such automation is able to create a holistic view of historical, real-time, and projected operations by collecting data from multiple sources.

Integrated Supply Chains

In the past, mining operations barely integrated mining, processing, and transport. Integrating supply chains is a big step to implement more efficient operations as well as discovering new efficiencies and operational results. Taking a digital, integrated approach to mining operations creates a clear picture of the pit-to-port supply chain. Mining companies can rely on data analysis that identifies operational issues, manage inventory and quality, track productivity and asset performance, and understand costs.

Integrated supply chain management systems are able to use data to schedule and optimize operations to maximize profit. Employees at remote operation locations can view real-time data and make any necessary adjustments.

Every mining operation needs a safe, powerful, and reliable power source. Companies like Generator Power are one of the largest mine spec generator suppliers in Australia, providing any size mine site an alternative method to traditional diesel generators. The supplier provides low-noise open, canopy, and container diesel generators with options for engine driven and remote radiators with electric fans. Whether your mine site needs a primary method or alternative method for powering mining operations, Generator Power has a wide selection of new and used diesel generators to get the job done.


Adopting automated technology and machinery is one of the most promising ways that mining operations can see a positive impact on their balance sheets. Surprisingly, the mining industry has been slow to uptake autonomous machines, but the adoption rate of global industry operations is expected to increase from 0.1 percent in 2016 to 25 percent by 2025. Autonomous operations mean 24/7 machines and processes without the need for employees, and subsequently, a significant increase in revenue and mining industry valuation.

The right equipment is essential to efficient mining operations. A bucket elevator vertically transports bulk materials of all weights and textures, thus reducing the manpower it takes to manually transport materials. Bucket elevators are similar to conveyor belts and use buckets attached to a rotating belt or chain to collect bulk material, transport it to a deposit point, and discharge the material.

Ryson International, Inc. specializes in vertical conveying solutions including a full line of spiral conveyors, bucket elevators, and ancillary equipment for product lines. Ryson Spiral lift uses innovative technology, occupy less floor space than conventional conveyors, and are more efficient and reliable than elevators or lifts.

Spiral conveyors feature overlapping slats for less friction to smoothly and efficiently transport materials, sealed no-maintenance ball bearings, and a small footprint thanks to their ease of modification. The vertical conveying solutions manufacturer offers four customizable modular designs, so you can rely on the best spiral conveyor configuration for your mining operation’s needs.

There are plenty of potential benefits to the mining industry adopting digitalization into mining operations. Optimizing operations, integrating supply chains, and adopting automation technology can efficiently increase mining operations and result in a significant revenue increase.