What Are Plasma Cutters Used For?

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(Newswire.net — October 27, 2020) — Plasma cutting is a tool that is used in many industries, including being utilized by numerous industrial plumbing contractors to, for example, cut pipes on toilets. But that’s not the only use for a torching a plasma table. Keep reading for some information about what plasma cutting is and the many ways in which it’s used.

What is plasma cutting?

Plasma is a state of matter that is often thought of as a subset of gases, although the two states tend to behave very differently. Plasma is made up of atoms in which some or all of the electrons have been stripped away, with positively charged ions roaming freely.

When electrically conductive materials are cut by applying an accelerated jet of hot plasma, this is plasma cutting. Materials that are usually cut with a plasma torch can include steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and copper. Many other conductive metals may be cut as well.

During the plasma cutting process, there is a melting process where very hard materials can be cut with a jet of ionized gas. This ionized gas exists at temperatures well above 20,000°C which is then used to melt and expel material from the cut. Within this process, the electric arc is struck between an electrode (cathode) and the workpiece (anode).

These tools can be used for small to large-scale jobs depending on the amount of material that needs to be cut. Some cutting machines can be used by individuals and are typically used in light-metal applications for trimming excess material. For example, this could include a piece of sheet metal that might need additional trimming. Larger mechanized plasma is usually used for larger jobs.

These cutting tools are used in two different types of cutting process types. These include straight cutting plasma and bevel cutting plasma. During straight cutting plasma cutting material, thickness, cut quality, and cutting speed must all be taken into consideration.

Plasma cutters can be used in a variety of fields including manufacturing, automotive repair, restoration, industrial construction, salvage, and scrapping. Check out a few selections below for what plasma cutters can be used for.

How does CNC plasma cutting work?

CNC or Computer Numerical Control provides automated control of the plasma torch that’s being used for cutting. Using precision cutting, a computer and various gears and motors can make detailed cuts on a variety of sheet metal, tubes, or even chunks of metal. A CNC plasma cutting machine is necessary for automated cutting. A trained technician or mechanical contractors can use a high-speed CNC plasma machine (or CNC machine/ CNC plasma table) to take care of a variety of critical tasks. Learning the craft of cutting with plasma provides a great career opportunities due to the versatility of the skill across industries.

How do plumbers use plasma cutting?

Industrial plumbers can use plasma cutters for a variety of plumbing services. Sometimes when a plumbing contractor is asked to handle plumbing issues or plumbing needs on a job, they might have to use a plasma cutter to handle the job at hand. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a novice plumber or master plumber with years under your belt in commercial plumbing services. Whether it’s cutting a pipe to the necessary length or smoothing the edges of a pipe, a plasma cutter can help to save both time and effort with any commercial plumbing or private residence plumbing job.

Can plasma cutting help with metal repairs?

Plasma cutters can also be used to make a quick repair on a piece of damaged metal. You can use a plasma cutter to make fast repairs to damaged fenders, quarter panels, trailer hitches, and mufflers. Farmers also use plasma cutters to make quick repairs of tractors, implements, harvesters, watering tanks, fencing, and other equipment. This method of cutting is used across industries, and CNC plasma cutting is especially impressive when it comes to cutting steel plates or aluminum in various industries.

Plasma has an artistic side.

Metal artists, fabricators and metallic sculptors use plasma cutting tools to craft their artwork. Plasma cutters allow these artists to be more precise with the work which they do, providing an intricate level of detail and finishes on the art pieces. Plasma cutters allow an artist to cut along finely drawn lines.

For artists, even with years of experience, who have to make their work stand out in a field of other talented creators, such tools can be helpful. This machine tool might give them the extra leg up needed to be a high-quality vendor amongst other artists when it comes to selling their work.