St Petersburg FL 2020 Catalina Brand Yacht For Luxury Cruising Sale Launched

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A new line of Catalina brand yachts is available at Massey Yacht Sales & Services – St. Petersburg, FL. Among them is the 2020 Catalina 545-A, which has been featured in the 2020 SAIL magazine.

Massey Yacht Sales & Service has announced the launch of a new line of Catalina yachts at its Florida location. The St. Petersburg company is one of the leading distributors of Catalina brand yachts in that part of the US.

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Among the newly launched line of yachts are the Catalina 315, Catalina 335, Catalina 285, Catalina 425, the Catalina 445, and the Catalina 545-A. The Catalina 545-A is the 2020 winner of the Cruising World overall boat of the year and has also been voted the best full-sized cruiser over 55’ and 2020 SAIL Magazine’s best large monohull 51’ and above.

Described as uniquely American, elegant yet muscular, contemporary yet timeless in styling, the 2020 Catalina 545-A was built to focus on luxury, performance, and safety at Sea. Some of the many features of this blue water yacht include five Carbon-Core PVC bulkheads, watertight collision bulkhead forward, deep defense rudder, electric mainsail furling in and out, and a Yammer 110 HP engine.

Other built-in luxuries of the 2020 Catalina 545-A include three AC units, a dumb waiter in the galley, a yacht-quality owner’s stateroom with en suite head and shower, an icemaker, and a TV lifer with 40″ HD Smart tv in the main salon. The Massey Yacht Sales & Service product comprises four berths, four cabins, and two heads.

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Massey Yacht Sales & Service prides itself on being Catalina experts. The company makes it a duty to pay frequent visits to the Catalina factory which has afforded them extensive knowledge of the specifics regarding the brand. These visits are personally overseen by the founder of the company Ed Massey.

Having a well-earned reputation for being extremely thorough in testing all systems and ensuring that every detail is checked off before delivery is one of Ed’s specialties. Sharing knowledge garnered from these visits with customers and ensuring each new Catalina boat is ready for delivery are part of the company’s service.

According to a representative for Massey Yacht Sales & Service, Catalina builds what is considered the largest selection of honest, sturdy boats. Additionally, the company’s line of luxury vessels maintains the standards for having real-world conditions, performing well, and costing less to maintain.

Among the broad range of what Massey Yacht Sales & Service considers intelligently designed family-oriented sailboats are the Sports Series, the Cruiser Series, and the Ocean Series.

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