Waukesha WI SEO Local Business Google Maps Listing Expert Ranking eBook Released

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A Waukesha, Wisconsin digital marketing firm has released a step by step report that teaches local business owners to dominate the ‘Money Zone’ on local Google search results.

Waukesha, Wisconsin headquartered marketing firm, Up At Dawn LLC, has released an ebook titled, “The 3 Easy Steps to Getting Prospects to Call You so You Can Generate More Revenue While Spending Less Time (and Money) Marketing…” This 26-page ebook is part of the “Dominate The Top” series written by Jeffrey Kirk. It aims to teach businesses how to easily reach and motivate prospects to contact them for their goods and services.

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The release of this report gives readers 3 steps to get prospects to call them. It shows local business owners how they can generate more revenue while spending less time and money marketing. The strategy involves obtaining a strategic position in Google search results where prospects can quickly find the business and easily make contact.

The report that has been released discusses simple steps that a local business must implement if they are to dominate the top search results on a “Google My Business” listing.

Step one is to create or claim a “Google My Business” listing. Doing this helps a business show up where a shopper is looking for specific goods and services. Google created this local search results section for various search phrases that specifically highlight local businesses.

This ebook release shows the reader exactly what to do to create this listing and optimize for best results. They advise to go to Google and do a search for the business name and verify that the business is classified properly. Second, look for this question: “Own this business”, and then edit accordingly.

According to Google, “Your listing is a great place to showcase the photos that capture the business. Businesses with photos receive 42% more requests for driving directions to their location from users on Google, and 35% more clicks through to their websites than businesses that don’t have photos.”

Once the listing is complete the report recommends all attention be directed to getting reviews. These days, if a business serves a local audience, then showing up on the map is not enough. Getting a constant stream of high-quality Google reviews is one of the factors that can help move a business move into the top 3 positions.

Another important fact the ebook shares is that a local business must show up as one of the top 3 businesses in the map section of the search results (which the author calls the “Money Zone”), and then use Google reviews to differentiate their business from the competition.

This ebook gives specific directions to local business owners that aims to help them obtain new business in a regular and predictable manner by properly configuring their “Google My Business” listing and following a process to get feedback and reviews from clients.

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