Northern Thailand Motorcycle Tours

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( — October 29, 2020) —

In a normal year Thailand receives more than thirty million visitors. It is one of the first places people mention when they talk about going on a holiday. They go for the beaches, the night life, the food, and the climate. But there is a lesser known treasure that people have been catching on to as of late. Thailand is absolutely loaded with world class motorcycling opportunities. Because of the terrain many parts of Thailand are crisscrossed with wonderful winding roads and the condition of the black top is generally good. Motorcycling is one of the best ways to see this exotic land.

  • Before You Go: Thailand has nearly everything you need for a motorcycle tour, except for a big selection of western sized motorcycle gear. Make sure you bring what you need so you can stay safe.


  • Chiang Mai: The centre of motorcycle touring in Northern Thailand is Chiang Mai. This is a great place to begin. It has an international airport and every level of accommodations, as well as numerous companies offering motorcycle rentals and guided tours. From Chiang Mai, there are a few good tours available, right close to the city. A lovely day trip is the Samoeng loop.  Starting and ending in Chiang Mai the trip includes mountain scenery, and numerous tourist attractions like the Mae Sa Elephant camp.


  • Mae Hong Son: The Mae Hong Song loop is legendary, loaded with twisty roads and elevation changes. This tour takes you from Chiang Mai to remote Mae Hong Son and then brings you along the Myanmar border for 160 KM until you turn and head back to Chiang Mai from Mae Sariang. This is no day trip. You should plan to at least spend a night or two. The trip is about 600 kilometres in total. The Mae Hong Son Loop is probably the most famous Motorcycle trip in Thailand.


  • Kanchanaburi: Kanchanaburi is one of the most beautiful regions of Thailand and a little closer to Bangkok than Chiang Mai. It borders Myanmar, and was the site of the infamous Death Railroad, constructed by the Japanese in World War 2. Apart from seeing the bridge over the river Kwai, you can take tours, up into the high country an experience some of the lushest jungle scenes in Thailand. Make sure you take a swim in one of the many rivers. Kanchanaburi has accommodations and motorcycle rentals available. You can find more information here.


  • Golden Triangle: The golden triangle is an area made famous by the opium trade during the Vietnam war. It is an area of land where Thailand, Laos, and Myanmar meet on the Mekong river. There is plenty to see and the area has gentle rolling mountains and some excellent roads. You can’t drive into the other countries, but you can take a river boat into Laos to do some shopping.

If you want to make the most of your Thailand trip, a good idea is to spend some time hitting the trails, and then spend a few days on the beaches down south, or perhaps take in the sights of Bangkok or southern Thailand where there are even more trails to try.