Dealing With Hair Loss- Is There a Permanent Solution?

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( — October 30, 2020) — Hair is an integral part of the human body. It defines your looks and transforms your appearance. Sadly, hair loss is a major problem among most men and some women. One in five Americans suffer from hair loss, and men form a higher percentage of this. Nowadays, many people pay much attention to their looks, and good looking hair is a prerequisite for that remarkable appearance. If you’re worried about balding or hair loss, there are different ways to remedy the problem.

Here are ways to deal with hair loss:

1. Hair transplantation

Sapphire hair clinic hair transplantation is an effective restoration procedure that works on most people. It’s the best option for anyone who has exhausted all the other ways of dealing with hair loss with no tangible results. During the process, a surgeon takes parts of your healthy hair and transplants it to balding areas. 

The procedure is mostly used to treat male baldness, and the success rate varies depending on the clinic and surgeon. For this reason, it’s imperative to choose the right expertise. For instance, hair transplant turkey is conducted by professional surgeons and boasts of many successful hair transplants. The free consultation services offered also attract many clients to the sapphire hair clinic.

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2. Check what you eat

A healthy diet is essential for a healthy body and hair. Include lots of fruits and vegetables in your diet, and consider iron-rich foods. Iron is vital for the growth of strong, flexible hair. Iron-rich foods will help fortify your scalp and prevent balding. Some iron-rich foods to consider are; red meat, beans, seafood, peas, spinach, iron-fortified cereals, and pasta.

3. Hydrate!

Water is essential for a healthy body, skin, and hair. Drink at least six to eight glasses a day and more in summer. Water hydrates your body and promotes blood circulation. It helps strengthen your hair and boosts growth. Your hair needs moisture and will become brittle and split if you suffer dehydration. 

4. Use proper beddings

Use silk or satin pillowcases to avoid hair breakage snags. Your head’s weight can create a lot of fiction on your pillow. This can trap some of your hair strands, causing breakage. However, smooth textured beddings like silk and stain make it possible for your hair to slide over the fabric resulting in less tugging or breakage. 

5. Cope with stress& Anxiety

Stress and anxiety can expedite hair loss. If you’re dealing with tough circumstances, learn ways to cope with your stress before it starts affecting your hair. Stress will not only trigger hair loss but can affect your sleep patterns and your overall health. 

Think of things like meditation, exercises, adequate sleep, or seek professional help. But if all these don’t work, seek help from a hair transplant surgeon. A hair transplant istanbul can offer a permanent solution to our balding problem. 

Final thoughts

Everyone experiences hair loss differently. There are different hair loss causes, but all depend on your body type. The issue may also arise due to allergic reactions or medication interactions. Examine the cause of the problem before deciding on the best treatment option to take. But, if you want a permanent solution for your issue, hair restoration surgery should be an option.