Wireless Charging For Two-Wheelers Is Here

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(Newswire.net — November 3, 2020) —

Nowadays, we are embracing wireless charging opportunities for the future. What once was a solution for smartphones, tablets, and other devices is now a possibility for electric two-wheelers as well.

With wireless charging, you are basically plugging in a charging pad, and then all you have to do is place the device you need charged on top of it. Pretty simple, right? This kind of wireless charging technology is also considered highly convenient, even though it can be costly in some cases.

BMW Engineers

BMW, the German bike maker, is planning to wirelessly charge your next two-wheeler. The patent images the maker has revealed show that they plan to build a charging pad that you can install in the ground. The side stand of the bike will then act as the receiver for charging the two-wheeler.

While this new charging idea is intriguing, there are still other ways to charge an electric two-wheeler that will prove to be much faster. For example, you can plug it into a house socket or use a fast charger that many electric two-wheeler manufacturers offer as an optional extra. You can opt to swap out the battery too, which is popular with people who own smaller two-wheelers.

How Fast Is The Charge?

It is hard to say how fast the charge would be with BMW’s patented technology. Many electric two-wheelers are capable of Level 1 or Level 2 charging, with the latter taking most of the night. With this wireless charging technology, the time required could be closer to that of Level 1 charges, which could be in as little as hours.

Wireless Charging Power

As you may know, a wireless charger’s power correlates to the distance between the charger and the receiver. It will naturally work better if the two are as close as possible and almost if not already in direct contact. Most of BMW’s wireless electric motorcycle systems seem to already accomplish this.

The Future

Many feel that the wireless charging of this kind of vehicle would be more of a trickle-down charge. However, seeing as people park their two-wheelers in the same spot almost daily, the grounded charging pad does not seem like a far-off idea.

It creates a more convenient way for people with two-wheelers to keep their vehicle fully charged and ready to go. It also means they can spend more time on their two-wheeler because it is always topped off when using this kind of wireless charging method. They will not have to wait overnight for their two-wheeler to charge before they can get back on it.

Built-In Wireless Charging

More motorcycle and two-wheeler manufacturers are looking into built-in mounted wireless charging as customers demand more from automotive innovation. A built-in wireless charging system can eliminate the need for charging cables and provide people with more flexibility than ever before.