Dr.Sadraei Is Known To GIve You a Perfect Smile

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(Newswire.net — November 3, 2020) — When it comes to beauty, we always focus on how to make ourselves look close to perfection. Even though we sometimes accept our flaws, we still want to be able to have choices and fix ourselves in every way. Whether it’s our nose, lips, chin, cheeks or teeth, we’ve all had the same thought and looked up available services online. However, sometimes we never go through with it because we might be adamant to do so or are not sure if we can trust the services.

But the good news is that Dr.Kambiz Sadraei is known in the cosmetic dental community to be the master of fixing things. His goal is to give you the perfect smile that will make you ooze with confidence and love yourself even more. He explained that, “Even though beauty is nothing but an outer exterior, it can still make us gain that confidence and little boost that we need.”

What kind of treatments does he specialise in?

The highly skilled cosmetic dentist specialises in different treatments such as gum lift, tooth lift, wisdom extraction and even Buccal Fat Pad Reduction. He also has the latest technology that’s needed in the dentistry industry in order to be able to deliver the highest quality of results. Dr. Sadraei stated that, “I love to make people happy by giving them the smile that they want.”

Dr.Sadraei always consults with his clients and makes sure that they are always fully confident to go through with any procedure first. Even though he works long hours and has taken his time to build the respectful reputation that he has today, he still loves his job and finds it rewarding. Dr. Sadraei loves to share his work on social media, since he’s always posting videos and finishing results on Instagram and Youtube. He is very popular online, with over 100,000 followers interacting with him and following him daily.

How did he get into cosmetic dentistry?

Dr.Sadraei started out as a full time musician, but his fascination for science and health grew stronger, which is what made him consider getting into the cosmetic dentistry field. He stated that, “I love art, science and health. I am a creative person, which is why being a cosmetic dentist is the right fit for me.”

His philanthropic side

Even though Dr.Sadraei loves to help people look close to perfection, he also has a huge philanthropic side where he just wants people to be happy. He stated that, “One of the highlights of my practice is providing free dental treatment for Cancer patients and cancer survivors. So far I’ve donated $150K worth of free treatment over the past 3 years.”

Dr.Sadraei has met all kinds of people who he loves to help, especially those who have a history of battling cancer, have been diagnosed or are undergoing treatment. He believes that we should help people in our community by giving a helping hand when needed. The talented cosmetic dentist has a strong passion for fighting against poverty, by helping people who financially struggle and are going through the hardest parts of their lives.

He explained that, “For me, it’s important to help people and I find it a positive experience to be able to offer my expertise through treatment for free.”

Dr.Sadraei is located in El, Paso, Texas and is a very known member in his community. He has patients that travel from all over America in order to use his services, since he has always delivered promising results. In order to get a preview of his services, you can check out his social media online.

More about Dr. Sadraei

Dr. Sadraei is a family man who adores animals, especially his 4 month old teacup pomeranian puppy. He likes to stay healthy by exercising regularly and playing tennis. When he’s not working long hours at his practice, he likes to pack his bags and travel around the world. He stated that, “I love travelling, I have been to 50 countries so far. My favourite destination is Maldives, it’s simply beautiful.”

He is known to be a creative person and still loves to create music and write lyrics. He’s highly fascinated by science and is always learning new things in order to stay up to date.