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A dating platform has been launched online that is open to all sexual orientations. The Flirty Pairs platform offers privacy for its user’s and helps people find love, friendship or a casual date.

A new open online dating platform has been launched in a bid to help singles find true love, friendship, and everything in between. The team behind Flirty Pairs explain that what differentiates their platform from others including Craigslist is the fact it is open to everyone and there is no data mining.

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The newly launched open dating platform is completely free for members to use and offers a multitude of privacy options. This gives users peace of mind as they know their data will not be mined, sold to third parties, or abused.

Flirty Pairs is open to all sexual orientations whether people are straight, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, or non-binary. The team explain they envisage the platform as being a place where everyone is welcome, and everyone is looking for the same thing.

Once members sign up to the platform, they can create a classified post to explain what they are looking for and share a little information about themselves. For instance, some people describe themselves as ‘single and searching,’ while others emphasize they are looking for their ‘partner in crime.’

Full transparency is encouraged on the platform explain the team, so people have the option to categorize their classified post depending on what they are looking for in their next match. Some members are looking for love, while others are looking to casually date or meet new people.

A relationship blog is included on the site and provides dating advice, insight, and tips on many dating topics. For instance, a recent post focuses on how to maintain passion in a long-distance relationship, which may resonate with those affected by the pandemic.

Another recent post explains the secrets to being attractive in the eyes of the person they are dating. The short post says maintaining eye contact, sitting up straight, and maintaining an air of mystery can send the right signals to a date.

A representative said: “Flirty Pairs brings people together – we are open to all sexual orientations, we’re better than Craigslist, we’re completely free, and we offer lots of privacy options.”

To find out more, interested parties are invited to visit the link provided.